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Thread: Glaive commandant

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    Glaive commandant

    Hi guys.
    New entry in my collection. Looks to be "glaive de commandant en chef" but seems to be composite. The blade is signed Goze fourbiseur a Metz. Ref. Michel Petard Tome III I've seen only with Klingenthal blades, 2 groves blue and gilt. May I have other opinions and ideas? What do you think? Can it be it's original blade ? I found very few details about this type of sword.
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    yikes !!! what a sword !!!!! lol looks like one of house of swords j walters !!!!

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    I don't know anything in particular about these but it all seems to match well. I don't see any fabrication that appears to have switched parts. One type of hilt does not dictate the blade type.
    Some French swords have several different blade types. Early British band swords with identical hilts have various blade types.
    The pommel nut and scabbard appear original.

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    Although they usually come with these squarish blades, it seems like they were also made with other kinds, and the Qui est qui de l'Arme mentions an example also signed Goze (maybe the same one though!). The blade is very bland compared to others though, so I can only presume that it was originally more decorated.


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