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Thread: Another ID request

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    Another ID request

    Hello esteemed sword masters. I am looking for information/speculations about this blade. Sadly, there is no writing or engraving on it, so I hope it is not a piece of garbage. I have no history as it was picked up at a garage sale many years ago by a friend. Can't tell if this is a legit horse-driven saif (I think it's too thin) or an ornamental scimitar. No scabbard.

    I am happy to answer any question if able.

    I foolishly did not take a picture of the butt-end, but there seems to be a rod coming out at the end (but polished to blend in). Can't determine if full tang or not...handle is a bit loose.

    More bigger pics:
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    This sword does not appear to be a modern decorative piece, looks like it has some age to it. The blade appears well made and is quite impressive with the curvature.
    My thought that it could be a British made blade for export. The butt end "pommel end" as you mention shows the blade tang and is normal to attach in this manner.
    Regardless what it is, it does look impressive and would display well.


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