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Thread: 5th Australasian Historical Swordplay Convention 2003

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    5th Australasian Historical Swordplay Convention 2003

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    The Australian College of Arms announces the establishment of the 5th Australasian Historical Swordplay Convention 2003 website.
    It can be accessed here at:

    The AHSC represents the largest gathering of historical swordplay authorities and students held in the Southern Hemisphere.
    This year we are pleased to have as our Guest Presenter Bob Charron from the St. Martins Academy of Medieval Arms.

    If anyone from overseas has an interest in attending the convention, please contact the ACA Convention Committee on found under our Queries link.


    Scott Andrew McDonald
    ACA Convention Committee

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    AHSC website updated

    FYI, the AHSC website has been updated

    You can find the website here:

    As of the last update, the following has been added:

    17-July: Registration now available_
    19-June: Updates to program.
    15-May: Updates to accommodation prices.
    9-May: Updates to program, FAQ and Schools.


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