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Thread: Welcome to the Library! : Please read!

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    Welcome to the Library! : Please read!

    "Welcome to the forum for discussions of your favourite historical texts, and authors of sword fiction!

    We hope this forum will provide you with some good academic thoughts and discussion.


    - Readers, please be mindful that spoilers may be contained herein.

    - Posters, some spoiler notification would be appreciated if you wish to discuss specific events in a book - especially in recently published works, as not everyone has read them yet.


    Some topics may be shifted to the fantasy forum, if the moderator deems it appropriate, but a redirection notice will also be posted if this is the case.

    As always, troublemaking in the library will be frowned upon!
    Author/subject bashing is not encouraged - if you don't like the work, please voice your opinions tactfully.
    Please keep the subject on topic.

    A minor update, the index for fiction has been shelved, as it is believed that many resources for fiction exist already out there, rendering it somewhat redundant! The index in the non-fiction forum will be retained.
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