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Thread: Skokloster collection

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    Skokloster collection

    Skokloster Castle near Stockholm in Sweden has a number of historical fencing treatises for those that can travel to that area.

    They have German and Italian editions of Fabris, A copy of Passchen, a copy of Thibault, a smallsword fencing manual in Swedish and some other books.

    They also have a lovel ycollection of swords and firearms.
    William Wilson, MA
    TSD - Flagstaff

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    Stockholm, Sweden
    Thank you for the tip.
    I´ll be sure to make a visit there before i leave to Wisby for my vacation.

    (I have been there before,
    but i was too young then to really take it in.)
    Fredrik Hörnell

    I would like to have a onehander now...

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    Call beforehand and set up an appointment to see the manuals and weapons.
    William Wilson, MA
    TSD - Flagstaff


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