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Thread: Read before Posting

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    Read before Posting

    Forum Rules:

    This forum is a clearinghouse for issues that affect the ownership of swords and other edged weapons. It is a means of disseminating information and coordinating the efforts of anyone concerned with issues that affect the use and ownership of swords and other edged weapons.

    Threads moved from other forums (General, Pub, etc.) will be trimmed to conform to the rules of this forum.

    1. Please include attribution for news stories and official communications.

    2. News stories relating to proposed or pending legislation are welcomed but stories about sword related crimes are not appropriate.

    3. Posts should be either informational, ie, what group or organization is doing what, who is doing what, why, when and how; or strategy-oriented, that is, presenting ideas and techniques to advance our position.

    4. Make sure your posts add value to the thread. Posts saying; That’s terrible or hang tough etc. do not add value.

    5. Posts that denigrate or insult forum members, Political groups or parties, countries or national leaders will not be tolerated.

    6. The topic is Swords not Gun control. Make sure the focus stays on swords.

    7. No post suggesting or advocating illegal activities will be allowed.

    8. Be careful of your language. Vulgar or rude posts will be removed. These are important issues and we need well-reasoned and well-articulated posts.

    9. Be considerate of others when posting and be slow to take offense when reading.

    10. This forum will be closely moderated and the moderator’s decision will be final.
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