Hi All,

As a result of the 'spirited' debate that has grown out of several threads on this forum, I would like to propose the formation of two distinct working groups to focus on dealing with anti-sword legislation. Those who are comfortable with or have a background in firearms rights related, grass-roots level activism will form group 'A'. Group 'B' will be reserved for those who may disagree with the strategies used in the pro-firearms community or are otherwise uncomfortable with that principal. The purpose of each working group will be to examine the problem of overcoming anti-sword legislation and to determine the most feasible ways of networking, coordinating and maximizing SFI's resources toward that goal. In order to maintain continuity and to insure appropriate action outside of SFI, oversight will be provided by SFI staff (any staffers who would like to be on the oversight committee, please let me know). Group leaders will be selected to moderate and will report progress to oversight.

I encourage active participation in both groups, so anyone interested in signing on should contact me at:


I've been in touch with ATKI regarding the coordination of our efforts and the working groups will be key in determing the direction of those efforts.

Thanks, and lets hope we can put our differences aside to focus on the common threat.