I would like to offer some tips for any who wish to review a book, and/or article...

*Please try to include the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) The ISBN is an international cataloging number with which any customer, anywhere in the world, can identify a book in a store, or library. And, sometimes a title translated from one language to the other can change. More information on the ISBN.

*Which edition/printing of the book are you reviewing? Later editions often have additional material, and/or corrections by the author. Ewart Oakeshott books are well known for this.

*To whom do you think this book/article will appeal most to? Martial artists? Reenactors? Scholars? Gamers?

*What features does the book/article have? Drawings, photos, charts, maps, etc.

*If you're reviewing a magazine... What edition, volume number, and year does it have?

*What is the year of publication and whom is it copyrighted to?