This is a listing of books, articles or other great reads that are recommended sources of information pertinent to the subject matter of this forum. If you would like to suggest a book, please feel free to let us know about it and include a quick description.


Atlas of isothermal transformation diagrams by the United States Steel Company. Ever needed a TTT/IT on one fo the basic alloy steels, but couldn find one anywhere? This book is what you have been looking for. It also includes a brief introduction on heat treating procedures.

Elements Of Hardenability by M.A. Grossman. Ever wonder what makes hardening happen, and what all the variables that can effect it are? Grossman is one of my favorite metallurgy authors for ease of reading and he covers most of it here with knowledge gained from his own poineering research, I believe this man is second only to Bain in metallurgy giants.

Metallurgy by B.J. Moniz (ISBN 0-8269-3506-0) This is a great book. It was obviously meant as a textbook for students but it covers all the basics so nicely. A copy of this book will have anybody talking with the pros, in no time.

Metallurgy of Steel for Bladesmiths & Others who Heat Treat and Forge Steel by John D. Verhoeven. A must read for the metallurgically minded bladesmith. Download it at

Metallurgy Fundamentals by Daniel Brandt (ISBN 0-87006-922-5). Having problems picking up the dry technical stuff, this book will get even the greenest begginer started in metallurgy. Written in a very easy to read and understand format, yet it covers a very large amount of topics in its 256 pages.

Quenching and Martempering by the ASM Committees on Quenching and Martempering. A great little book that covers all the technical aspects of quenching. I believe it should be a must read for any bladesmith soncidering how to properly quench.

Tool Steel Simplified by Frank R. Palmer & George V. Luerssen. This one is published by Carpenter Steel Company ( folks who make excellent tool steels) and deals with many aspects of steel behavior and properties that I have not seen covered in many other books. It is full of great information on heat treating practices.

Internet Articles

Metallurgical Terms Made Simple
Navigating us through a sea of confusing terms, this article simplifies the complexities of metallurgical activities.

Proper Quenching Option Yields Better Heat-Treating Results
By Larry Olson
A great article, on Heat Baths web site, about the advantages of formulated quenches and how far that technology has advanced heat treating.
A short primer intruducing us to some of the concepts of blademaking metallurgy.

Articles in print

[URL=]Proper Quenching Option Yields Better Heat-Treating Results
By Larry Olson