To the JSA community,
Please consider posting information about your Japanese Sword Art events here on the forum. I am not talking about advertising or soliciting. I am talking about sharing information on the growth and success of the study of Japanese Sword. Some of us already do this, but it is not enough. There is much going on that we miss.
The events may be open, as the Florida or Arizona Tai Kai, or the annual Guelph school, or they may be 'members only' as in the annual Texas ZNIR Embu or the Tamiya Ryu shinsa mentioned recently on iaido-l. They may be small seminars, such as one recently in Malvern, or larger events, such as one coming up soon for the Jikishin Kai. I am sure there are many more that are deserving of notice. You can post before the fact, to let people know about it, or afterwards, to let people know that it occurred and perhaps how it went. If there are lessons to be learned, please share them.
I suggest a couple of ground rules. First, since this is the JSA forum, the events should reflect active participation in a JSA, koryu or gendai. Secondly, discussions or questions as to the merit, or lack thereof, of an event or announcement, should take place, if at all, over on the JSA main forum. Finally, the thread title should contain the date, type of event, style, and location, if possible.
Please consider this. Thanks for your time.