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Thread: Truly spectacular ENGRAVED viking-era sword for auction

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    I'll try to get access to the picture archive someday soon, they have been doing digital photos of all the artefacts in the university's collection since 1997, and still there's one third left. Must be an inspiring job...

    My thesis, well, I'm just getting started, and it will probably be ready somewhere around may 2007. I'll have to get x-rays of arond 150 blades, as well as handling and studying the same blades visually, and with digitally enhanced photographs. I am looking for inlays, inscriptions and traces of pattern-welding.

    There is a new swedish thesis (in swedish) by Nancy Persson, "Eneggade Svärd - från vendel och vikingtid" which discusses single-edged scandinavian swords from 600-1000 AD. It's free, and you can get it here, though, it might be tough to read if you're unskilled in scandinavian languages.

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    Loking froward to reading both works

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    I would like to post an addition to this thread. Unfortunately I was unable to do it sooner. First I would firmly like to state that Eftis is the king of the fakers on eBay. He should be jailed for his crimes and the key thrown away. I have been a collector of swords in general for over 40 years and a collector of Medieval swords for nearly 20. In today's market, with such hi-tech fakes, it is virtually impossible to determine originality through photos. The "final word" has to be made by close inspection with sword in hand.
    About 3 years ago I had purchased a Viking Period sword from Eftis on eBay. It looked "suspicious" but for the money ($3,500.) I thought that I would take a chance. He had his usual statement of authenticity in the listing, stating that if a state museum proves the item fake he would refund the buyer's money. Sorry to say that I do not know of any museums that would get involved simply because of the liability. So I made sure that I obtained in writing (email) that he (Eftis) would give me a full refund (minus shipping costs) upon receipt back of the sword if "I" was not completely satisfied with it.
    I paid via wire transfer and the sword was shipped to me. Even before I finished unpacking it I knew it was fake, just by its shape and weight (clumsy and heavy). There was an even superficial fake patina covering its surface and the blade had no temper to it at all. The soft metal could be bent in a near circle and easily bent back. I immediately contacted Eftis and he agreed to take back the sword and send me a full refund minus the shipping upon receipt back of the sword. After about a week had passed I emailed him to find out if the sword arrived back OK, but received no reply. Weeks went by; no replys to my emails and every time I phoned he was always away.
    I traced the package and found it was in his local post office unclaimed. It turned out that he declined delivery of the sword and it was left at the local post office for nearly a month. I filed an FBI report and contacted his local Trading Stanards Bureau. Eftis then picked up the sword at the post office. Finally, about 2 months later, I received my refund, but about $300. short because of transfer rates and fees (a total loss of about $450. with postage).
    When the spectacular engraved blade Vikng sword recently came up for sale by Eftis on eBay it seemed too good to be true. Being a very serious collector in this area, I could not pass it up even though I already had "my fill" of Eftis. I had to take the chance and try to win it, but I would again have to pin down Eftis to a guarantee in writing for full purchase price back if I (not a state museum) was not completely satisfied with it. I further added that he must immeditely accept delivery of the sword. I emailed him before the close of the auction, but received a very evasive reply; basically stating that he guarantees the sword 100%. I emailed him again attempting to get a return policy in writing, but did not receive a reply.
    SO I BID ON THE DAMNED THING AND WON IT! I then emailed Eftis stating that I needed a return policy in writing before I send payment. He wrote me back stating that he guarantees it 100% and I can return it as posted in the listing. Well, in the "question and answer section" of the listing another ebayer had asked if he could return the sword for a refund if it turned out to be non-authentic and Eftis replyed "absolutely". Now we must ask the question: What were Eftis's intentions here. Was he going to accept the sword back and refund the buyer's money, give the biuyer a credit towards future purchases or pay the buyer back in bananas?
    Anyway Eftis would not give me a straight answer and after 3 emails was still evasive in his answers. At that time, I found out from a very good source, that Eftis had 5 other Viking swords in his shop, all with "special" blades. This whole adventure was starting to leave a very bad taste in my mouth! In my final email to Eftis I demanded a straight answer to his return policy. He finally blew his top and emailed me that he WOULD NOT grant me a refund if I was not satisfied with the sword and that he had already contacted the underbidder and made arrangements to re-sell it. He further stated that I must be "one of those idiots that frequents sword forums".
    He filed a non paying bidder alert on me and I left him negative feedback. I was then contacted by two other eBayers who had been ripped off by Eftis. One stated that a sword he had purchased turned out to be restored with plastic and unfortunately he had not discoved it untill a year and a half later. The other stated that he also was ripped off on a fake antiquity and had left Eftis negative feedback and ebay removed it.
    Two weeks later the negative feedback I left for Eftis was removed by eBay. I had written them (eBay) twice asking why and never received a reply. The next week, I was suspended from eBay without warning as had I failed to update my current phone number in their records!
    As far as I am concerned eBay should be re-named "fakebay" as they support the theives and criminals that provide their revenue! They do not stand up for honesty and integrity. I have had my fill with eBay. No morals, no class no more!

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    Thank you for sharing your experience with us, John.
    It's very important to spread the word about such people and practices in order to prevent others from falling prey to them... sadly it seems to be something of a losing battle.

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