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Thread: New bronze sword sale page by Neil Burridge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan Kowalchuk View Post
    Nice, I'm a student of archaeology and I must say that Neil have certainly done his homework.
    Yup, Neil is one of the few bladesmiths who really strive for full accuracy in reproductions and who also doesn't fall into the trap of introducing personal touches (and thus not-historical). The swords are correct in shape capturing all the fine lines and details perfectly, weight & balance, alloy only missing lead in some for health reasons, workhardening and have the best possible cast structure, comparible to the highest achievable quality in the bronze age. And all that for what are still in my eyes way too low prices

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    Updates on Neil Burridge's site

    Neil has added a lot of new things to his site:

    Including a lot of examples of completely hiltes swords, as well as axeheads, razors, hammer and anvil, spearheads and the leather Clonbrin shield!

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