I still have a very cool 1075 daito blade that I have to polish, may give to Karl to polish. But I am now working on a couple Odin Ronins, from 1075 water quenched. I am looking forward to mounting those babies up my way. Not traditional but very durable and trustworthy. One is getting a burl tsuka and the other is getting Stingray, both without Ito. I'm getting a couple saya parts from David Schlueter. Making saya blows chunks IMO. David is just about finished mounting a damascus Katana with an etching on it I did and I also did the solid habaki and pieced tsuba. It will be a traditional mount with the same and leather ito wrap, really excited to see that un and Karl is mounting the Drying Pole which will be sweet as can be.
Well just thought I would post this and see what you guys think. Not that anyones been posting here lately