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Thread: conferences, lectures, symposia u.a. on swords in broader sense

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    conferences, lectures, symposia u.a. on swords in broader sense

    Hej all,

    I just thought it would be nice to make a new topic, mentioning conferences, lectures, symposia u.a. on swords in the broader sense, as Bronze Age Warfare etc.

    Well, here´s the first, Peter N told me about it:

    Thu. 19th January at 8pm
    Lecture: Exeter Art Gallery, RAM Museum,
    Queen St, Exeter

    ‘War in the Bronze Age’

    Prof. Anthony Harding (University of Exeter).
    preceded by a wine reception hosted by the Prehistoric Society at 7pm

    Joint Prehistoric Society/Devon Archaeological Society


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    Here is one slightly off topic - it is about a Class 3 Irish sword found last year in association with a unique (for Ireland) air of Hallstatt imported bronze bowls, first external dating of earlier Irish BA leaf-swords that I know of through a hoard association:

    Richar Warner: The Tamlaght Hoard
    Febuary 15th at 1 and 6.30 in the National Museum of Ireland, Kildare Street.

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    German sword-maker meeting

    4. Großen Schwerttreffen im Württembergischen Landesmuseeum Stuttgart 2006

    Nachdem bereits die ersten drei „Schwerttreffen“ bei allen Beteiligten so großen Anklang gefunden haben, haben wir uns dazu entschlossen, mit dem 4. Schwerttreffen abermals eine Möglichkeit des Erfahrungsaustausches vor allem zwischen Archäologie, Kampf- und Schmiedekunst zu schaffen.

    Sinn der Veranstaltung ist es, allen interessierten Wissenswertes rund um das Thema „Schwert“ zugänglich zu machen, zu diskutieren anzuschauen, zu „Begreifen“, sich eben intensiv damit zu beschäftigen.

    Auch dieses Mal dürfen wir wieder auf eine Vielzahl spannender Vorträge und Vorführungen aus den verschiedenen Gebieten der Wissenschaft und Technik gespannt sein.

    Mit dieser Vorankündigung möchten wir Sie schon jetzt ganz herzlich dazu einladen, und zwar am

    29. / 30. April 2006

    Ort der Veranstaltung ist das

    Württembergische Landesmuseum Stuttgart
    Im Alten Schloss
    Schillerplatz 6
    70173 Stuttgart


    Wieviel? `

    Die Kosten liegen bei 50.- EUR. pro Person für beide Tage. Wer erst am Sonntag kommen kann, bezahlt nur 40.- EUR. Dieses Geld verwenden wir für Übernachtung, Anfahrt und Honorar sowie Erstattung sonstiger Auslagen der Referenten. Zahlbar ist dieser Betrag ganz einfach bei Ankunft vor Ort. Wir bitten dennoch um verbindliche Anmeldung!

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    Not directly about swords, but part of the fabrication process (and I might be there casting bronze swords):

    Symposium: Ancient Metallurgical Experiments

    The Eindhoven Historical Open-air Museum, the Netherlands
    will host the International Symposium on Metalworking 2006.

    Wednesday, September 13th – Tuesday, September 19th 2006
    This symposium, which includes the 3rd International Iron Smelting Symposium, is meant to actively bring together those practising ancient metallurgical techniques, those who experiment and those archaeologists and historians working with these subjects. We expect different teams running iron smelting ovens and casting bronze, as well as working with other metals. To the programme, presentations, films and lectures will be added.
    Our museum – almost 25 years old now – is 2 hectares large with both an Iron Age part and a medieval part, both with different house reconstructions, depicting that specific era. We have as well a medieval inn, which is well suitable for meals as well as presentations. Read more in About Us.
    Active participation will most probably be free of charge. The museum will offer simple accommodation in its own Iron Age and medieval farm reconstructions and food as well as the rough materials (not the metals) needed for these workshops and experiments.

    More info:

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    Secondly, not really a symposium, but an interesting event worth visiting I can't resist to mention:

    The metal workers weekend in Archeon

    Where: Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands
    When: 14/15 october

    In the living history center Archeon, there will be a gathering of metal workers of all kinds. Depending on who will be present, there will be f.e. flint knappers, bronze casters (including me), iron smelters (iron age), blacksmiths, bladesmiths (incl. pattern welding), silver smiths, tin casters etc, covering many different periods in history.

    For me this is the event of the year, for which I prepare months ahead. I always try to do something special during this event. So far that's always been succesful.

    So if you want to see many aspects of (pre)historic metalworking, this is definately worth visiting!

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    Schmiedetreffen vom 4. bis 6 August 2006

    6. Bayerischen Kunstschmiede- und Metallgestalter-Treffens in Kolbermoor
    Ausführliche Informationen zum Programm des Schmiedetreffens vom 4. bis 6 August 2006

    14 Uhr Vortrag Ulrich Gerfin. Thema Damaszenerstahl
    16 Uhr Lufthammervorführung durch Uri Hofi
    17 Uhr Heinz Denig stellt Damasttechniken (Diaschau) vor - anschließend Fachgespräch

    Bruno Bär

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    The Material Culture and Data Science research group are hosting an
    Experimental Archaeology Conference, to be held at the UCL Institute of
    Archaeology on Thursday 9th November 2006. The Conference will be free
    open to all.

    The aim of this Conference is to promote experimental archaeology as a
    academic approach for answering archaeological questions; one that can
    enhance our interpretations about the past in ways other methods

    Papers and posters are requested on research-led experimental
    archaeology in
    any relevant field e.g. taphonomy, pyro-technology, architecture. We
    particularly welcome contributors with a background in archaeological
    pertaining to experimental archaeology; whether for or against!

    ‘Experiential’ or ‘what-I-did-last-summer’ reports are discouraged as
    hope to show how experimental archaeology can contribute meaningfully
    the wider discipline.

    The deadline for the submission of:
    - Name
    - Affiliation
    - Title
    - Summary
    - Oral/Poster presentation
    is Monday 16th October 2006. Although an indication of interest would
    appreciated earlier.

    Yours faithfully,
    Bastian Asmus, Fatma Marii, Oli Pryce
    "If your bayonet breaks, strike with the stock; if the stock gives way, hit with your fists; if your fists are hurt, bite with your teeth" (Dragomiroff, c.1890)

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    Bronze Age Boat conference

    A bit short notice, but:

    Bronze Age Connections:
    Cultural Contact in Prehistoric Europe

    Dover, Kent, UK
    21–22 October 2006

    To mark the occasion of the internationally important Ringlemere gold cup being placed on display alongside the Dover Bronze Age Boat in Dover museum, the Dover Bronze Age Boat Trust is organising a two day conference in October 2006 with the theme ‘Bronze Age Connections: Cultural Contact in Prehistoric Europe’ in celebration of these two iconic symbols of Bronze Age life.. The symposium hopes to bring together a wide range of scholars from many different specialisms to explore the economic, social and symbolic nature of cultural contact along the NW European seaboard in prehistory and the practical means by which cross-channel relations could be maintained. The two-day conference will be devoted to four sessions; Prehistoric navigation in NW Europe; The production and distribution of bronze and other goods; The politics of power: the economic basis of a ruling elite and The symbolism of travel and the voyage in Prehistory.
    Is anybody going there?
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    Warrior identity conference

    Angelos Papadopoulos and I will be organising a session at the World Archaeology Congress in Dublin which runs 29th of June to 4th of July. The exact date of our session is to be confirmed. It will be entitled "The experiential role of violence and combat in the creation of social identities", and will largely focus on the lifestyle which 'creates' effective warriors (and hunters).

    Further details to follow when we have them!!
    "If your bayonet breaks, strike with the stock; if the stock gives way, hit with your fists; if your fists are hurt, bite with your teeth" (Dragomiroff, c.1890)


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