Dear fellow collectors.

I understand the urge to discuss online auctions, as one wants to collect as
many opinions as possible before spending some hard earned money,
but please be aware that online auctions are a tricky thing.

That is why the "unwritten policy" of not discussing active auctions was agreed upon.

Yet if one simply can't resist please follow these rules:

1. The discussion DOES NOT involve value estimates or pricing.

2. The discussion DOES NOT involve opinions regarding authenticity.

3. The discussion DOES NOT contain negative opinions about the seller.

4. When discussing the quality of an item STICK TO FACTS.

5. Please make sure that any opinion you voice is clearly recognisable as your own

If in any doubt please contact a moderator before posting.

thanks a lot for your understanding

Andreas Volk

P.S. The "CAPITAL" letters are for emphasis only ... i'm not screaming at anyone