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Thread: OSBERG and GOKSTAD burial finds

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    OSBERG and GOKSTAD burial finds


    Does anybody have any info on the Gokstad and inparticular the Osberg boat burial. I am after pictures and good sites that can give me some info on the items found. Surely it must be somewhere but I can't seem to find much!

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    I spent four hours in that museum, about three years ago, photographing madly.
    Have a fairly nice shot of the Cart (Oseberg), and some shots of the cauldron, the (bed?) ends, and the posts. Most of my images are in slide format, alas.
    Numerous shots of both the Oseberg and Gokstad.
    I should have a booklet somewhere too, but after three years, it'll take me a wee bit of time to track it down!
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    The book known as The Viking published by Barnes and Noble, called "the prune people book" has a lot of pictures of the ship finds near the back.
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