Tashi Dorje
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AHCS camp
My name is Tashi James, I am a representative of Scott Rodell here in
Australia, our international site can be found at www.grtc.org.

We run training camps in Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan and Historical Chinese
Swordsmanship. Along with regular training in Form, Martial Applications,
Tuishou {push hands} and Chinese Swordsmanship.

Currently we have a chinese swordsmanship camp, set for the 9th-14th,
January 2007. More information can be found on out Australian site at

We would greatly appreciate to extend our invitation to you all
Please don't hesitate to contact myself or Linda
Heenan with any enquiries you may have; Via email which is listed on our website or on 0011 +61 024 782 6593