We are an academic environment in which we require the use of real names. We have a team that processes registrations by hand which means this is a manual system, not an automatic system. It may take 24-96 hours for a volunteer admin to process your registration, but the goal is to remove the user IDs of spammers, anime characters, etc. If you feel you need to keep a fantasy nickname, there are many other websites that talk about swords that allow nicknames. Here at SFI, however, we've come to appreciate knowing one another as real people. We invite you to join us.

Acceptable Real Name Formats: "Firstname Lastname"

John Smith (This is our preferred format)
J. Smith
J Smith
John Smith
John S.M
John S
John W. Smith
JW Smith
J.W. Smith
John William Smith

Unacceptted Format

John (i.e. just a first name)
John23 (firstname plus a number)
ABC Swords (i.e. company name)
Keiji Omnimusha (fake Japanese / anime name) If you are non-Japanese, please use your birth name.

User ID Renaming Service

If you've already registered and you were able to log in, contact a moderator with a "Rename User ID Request".

If your user ID was never approved, you would have received a deletion notice inviting that you either clarify that your registration was indeed with a real name, or that you try again with a real name in an accepted format.

No Exceptions

There will be no exceptions to this rule. If you do not intend to register with a real name and in the proper format you are invited to simply browse the forums in a read-only mode.

For More Information

For more information on the Rules please visit: