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Thread: No Advertising in Posts or Signature Links

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    No Advertising in Posts or Signature Links

    Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and business with 5 or more in their employ are not permitted to use the forums for business advertising or promotion.

    SFI was established to foster the growth of individual artists, craftsman and sword makers who do not have the marketing budgets of larger businesses. We therefore frown upon businesses taking advantage of SFI to promote themselves for free while the individual artists are often struggling to make ends meet.

    1. If you are an individual craftsman (be it a polisher, bladesmith, blacksmith, etc.) we invite you to contact the administrator. They may rename your title to your profession so that you will be properly recognized as an individual artist.

    2. Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and businesses are encouraged to become financial sponsors of SFI.

    Signature Link Policy

    Businesses who are not SFI sponsors are prohibited from using signature blocks to add links to their business/retail websites. Each post of a person in violation of our Signature Link Policy is basically free advertising circumventing this policy. You may post the name of your business. Depending on how long you've been a part of this online community and how much you've contributed to everyone's learning experience, we may at our discretion* allow non-live links. If your business is registered as a "dot-com" and has a ".com" in its name of incorporation, we will permit this as a business name.

    (Note: a link may become live after you build you signature block for the first time. Please verify your siganture and go back in and edit it remove the live link tags as applicable.)

    SFI's Honorary Educational Advisors (HEA) are exempt from this policy as SFI's way of giving back to the sacrifice of time and effort spent by HEAs to advance the community's knowledge of arms and armor.

    * Those who share selflessly stand out more than those who share out of an effort of business promotion. SFI wishes to acknowledge the former.
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