In response to requests for a discussion forum focusing on antique arms and armor of the CSEA region, we are most honored to have created the CSEA Forum, headed by Dr. Sandro Forigiarini.

Dr. Forigiarini brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in antique arms and armor, and we are very excited that he shares the same passion of education in the SFI trademark "Warm and Friendly" tradition!

Welcome, Dr. Forigiarini!

Biography: Dr. Sandro Forgiarini

Dr. Sandro Forgiarini was born in Gemona del Friuli, Italy. He is a forensic doctor and has been working for different law courts, lawyers, insurance companies and private customers for many years. He is also a member of the board of directors of Italian Knifemakers Guild (A.C.H.I.) and additionally, he is a knifemaker himself. He started collecting keris 15 years ago and has been doing extensive research on the forging of keris blades and the making of keris handles and scabbards ever since. He has also learned how to use warangan (an arsenic solution used every year to renew and rejuvenate the pamor of keris blades and their related spirittual energy). He has also been collecting a number of high quality keris and keris handles directly from Indonasia where he has top contacts to smiths and his teacher there. He has done an extensive field research on keris in Indonesia and his long article about his field research will be published in a knife magazine soon. The research of Dr. Forgiarini is not only restricted to the making of keris, but to all its corresponding spiritual, social and historical aspects. Additionally, he has already published a number of articles for knife magazines.