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Thread: UK online petition to Government - SIGN IT NOW!

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    Petition count is now about 1,440. FANTASTIC WORK PEOPLE! Thanks for spreading the message and all the support. You make it all worthwhile.

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    I think I was sig' #85 after you posted the petition on Blades-UK Forum and it's now over 4,600.

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    I went there to sign the petition and it said only British Citizens or Residents could sign the Petition. But good luck on it. IF they are banning all swords, I think that is rediculous. All the average person wants to do is have a nice collection to admire and possibly study or train with. That is a worthwhile hobby in my opinion. I don't understand the British Government.
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    Don't just sign the petition, respond to the consultation

    If you have signed the petition (or even if you have not), please take the time to respond to the consultation. It is very important that we get as many objections to this legislation as possible.

    I have put some info about this and previous consultations on another thread here at SFI.

    BTW, there is no restriction on who can respond to the consultation (as opposed to the petition) - UK resident or not.


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