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Thread: Possible sword ban for UK?

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    Possible sword ban for UK?

    This post will only be of interest to Members and guests who live in the U.K.

    Legislation is being drawn up by the British Government to ban the import and sale of 'Samurai Swords'

    An official online petition against this insane proposal is...

    Show your support against the legislation and leave your signature.

    People out there who abuse the use of the crafted Japanese Sword, has ruined it for the genuine collectors and practioners.

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    and this is in the classifieds why?
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    I suggest you PM moderators and ask for a better divulgation of this matter, which I think afect even non-uk members.
    They will sympathize with this cause for sure.

    But this is not to be in classifieds, IMO.

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    Quite right, this shouldn't be in the classifieds.

    Moving to appropriate forum.
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    Great job folks, one of you moved, didnt know where to stick so put it somewhere.

    Dead on thanks

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    Oh and sorry didnt realise there was already a petition on the go, so ignore this one.


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    Many thanks

    You've got my thanks anyway. We need people to take notice and post it far and wide. Thanks for taking the time to view and sign the petition and take an active role - we need more like you

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