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Thread: John Clements

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    John Clements

    Tell me something, I've gotten this vibe about John Clements around here,

    I can't quite put my finger on it.

    what is it exactly that about him that makes some alittle iffy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlRutledge View Post
    Tell me something, I've gotten this vibe about John Clements around here,

    I can't quite put my finger on it.

    what is it exactly that about him that makes some alittle iffy.
    Carl, I would dearly love to tell you exactly what I think about him, but everytime people do, it seems to start flame wars between people like me, and the members of his organisation. As such, you will never find threads publically posted about Clements, because the moderators shut them down. After all, the forum is to discuss WMAs, and not modern individuals.

    I must admit I do think that we ought to be able to discuss modern individuals, as we might be thinking of dealing with them, and if there are negitive issues, we ought to be able to make them publically known.

    However, I am not a moderator, and as it is my understanding that the moderators do not wish Clements discussed as an anti-flame war measure, and as such I will respect their wishes.

    PM me and I'll tell you as much as you like.
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    Well said, George, and yes, we do shut such threads down for a variety of reasons up to and including a reluctance to be slapped or threatened to be slapped with a lawsuit...which has happened here in the past with a controversial individual or two.

    Carl, a simple search here at SFI of the individual mentioned will give you plenty of material to peruse...but I caution you to keep an open mind until such a time as you can judge for yourself. There's always three sides to every story--yours, mine, and what REALLY happened...
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    What Diane said!

    There are ARMA members who periodically post on this forum and contribute here, and who will have nothing but good to say about the ARMA director. There are many non-ARMA members on this forum whose personal experiences with Mr. Clements notably differ. Having been in the middle of that series of disagreements over the last seven years, I am quite amazed at the stories that surface about things I have supposedly said or done, told by people who were in junior high school at the time; I suspect that Mr. Clements would say the same.

    Suffice it to say that there are a number of disagreements on both sides of the story about the early history of the WMA community, crediting of other's research, study approach, recruiting methods, etc., and that you are correct that many (which I should stress does not mean unilateral) of the other researcher-instructors find themselves on the side of the argument opposite of Mr. Clements. Conversely, some have no position at all and some are ARMA members.

    As Diane said, you are welcome to look through the archives here, and at Mr. Clements' own forum and draw your own conclusions. Regardless, SFI has neither a stake nor a position on the subject, and have learned it's generally better to lock these threads to prevent *anyone* from becoming embroiled in a flame war.

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