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Thread: Repost: Scottish Cutlass - Quality of hilt?

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    Repost: Scottish Cutlass - Quality of hilt?


    I have done some sword research and found the Scottish Cutlass by Windlass Steelcrafts on the web. I had already posted this question on the general forum, but would like to try here, too:

    Does someone here own it and could please comment on the quality of the hilt?

    Does the hilt shape allow to put the index finger around the "quillion" (at least I think that is the word, English is not my language).

    Thank you for all the personal impressions you might be able to share of this sword.

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    The Scottish Cutlass by Windlass and the Windlass Sinclaire Saber are the same thing. The basket hilt is made from sheet metal which has been tack-welded in a few spots. There are numerous sharp edges. Yes you can get your finger up around the Quillion, but mine has some sharp areas that make it a risky operation. Whatever they used for grip material is slippery and overly large in diameter. Also the rear of the basket does not drop away, so using a saber grip does not work.
    The cutlass weighs 3.5 pounds and it is blade heavy. Mine arrive with some rust already starting near the weld points on the basket guard.
    Basically you need to grip it like a big, overweight, out of balance, meat cleaver.
    It does come with a sheath or scabbard, but there is nothing on the scabbard with which to attach it to anything.
    Maj. A. A. Clark


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