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Thread: Hungarian 'bastard' sabre

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    Question Hungarian 'bastard' sabre

    Recently I've met some slovakian guys in a medieval fair re-enacting some middle-age hungarian "kuman" warriors and one of them had a rather unusual sabre. Wide blade with double edge tip, "big" grip (seems to be one handed still there's place for two hands), a strange 'S' shaped guard and a schiavona pommel.

    I'm not very familiar with hungary history and/or eastern europe and middle-east swords... however I was able to find some pictures of a very similar sabre in one of Lebedinsky book and in Osprey's Men at Arms 195 (Hungary and the fall of eastern Europe 1000-1568 - David Nicolle & Angus McBride).

    Very few if no informations are given and the two pictures seems to make reference to the same sword (the one in Budapest national museum).

    I would really like to know more about the history of this very unic kind of sword as it really feels powerfull and well balanced in my hand. Why these two hand grip, 'S' shaped guard and schiavona pommel ?

    Please share informations and pictures if you have !
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    That looks like and interesting weapon!
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    Here is another variation - with straight crossguard.
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