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Thread: Posting Pics- Whats the Secret?

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    Posting Pics- Whats the Secret?

    Read that 100k is the largest size pic hat can be posted, yet many times I have checked proerties for posted photo's and the file size is much larger. So far I have resorted to putting images on a blog, publishing blog, then posting the link to that blog. I know this makes comparison of photo's slower.

    Whats the secret for posting images?

    Help me make my posts better!


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    some answers on your "Should I polish this" thread.

    Use Photoshop or MS Paint. There are options for reducing picture size/quality.
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    Posting Images

    How do I post an image so the full size photo appears instead of a thumbnail image,



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    host your pictured on imageshack..
    that way SFI dont have to pay for the bandwidth and you can post full size of thumbnail.
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