Some images available here, if there is a particular shot you would like that I did not think to take please reply or PM and I will add it to the photobucket album.


Some details:
blade material: AISI 1060
tsuba material: iron
handle length: 10.75 in
overall length: 40 in
weight: 3.1 lbs

This is a new blade I purchased two months ago. Aside from being drawn from the saya a few times and oiled, it has not been touched otherwise. I have not done any cutting at all, it is in beautiful shape.

The display box did get knocked a bit when it was shipped to me, it is still serviceable but the end pieces on the top cover are loose.

I would like to sell this for $250.00 USD. Depending on where it is going, we can talk about shipping options.

Thank you for reading.
Best Regards,