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Thread: Persian Style Fighter

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    Persian Style Fighter

    Again something a bit different from my norm. I have been having some fun stepping outside the box.
    The Persian Fighter is forged to shape from 5160 and has been flat ground. The handle is Honduran rose wood with a liner of fiber spacer material and brass mosaic pins. The blade is 7"long with an over all length of 13"

    As always comments and criticism are welcome Thanks for looking
    Sorry for the crappy pictures I think it's time for a new camera.
    Macabee Knives
    There are no mistakes in bladesmithing only design modifications.

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    Really nice, I like it. I've got a couple Persian styled pieces in mind if I ever in fact get done with stuff I'm late on to get to doing them. Yeah, like that'll happen before I'm old and gray... lol

    Always nice to do something different now and then, yes?...

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    Damn Adlai, that is NICE! I like the spacer in between the wood!
    I dunno. Iron is sort-of the Paris Hilton of metals, and carbon, nickel, chromium silicon, etc. are a bunch of good looking guys she just met at a party. - Al Massey

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    but that doesn't LOOK like a seax......... who are you and what have you done with Adlai ?

    Hhahahahaa, nice that you finally got this done ! looks sweeeeeett


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    Wow, Adlai, your stuff just keeps getting better! I love the gorgeous curves of that knife, and the mosiac pins are nice, too.

    I wouldn't change a thing, that blade is near perfect.
    "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art."
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    Thanks guys. It was a lot of fun to do even if Dan gave me crap every step of the way. and don't worry I have at least 3 seaxes sitting on my bench right now.
    Macabee Knives
    There are no mistakes in bladesmithing only design modifications.

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    I saw your work at the quad state round up, This is the piece that jumped out and I said, hey, I've seen that work before! Very nice up close and personal, Tried to look around and find you but there were ohhh so many places to hide!

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    Sorry I missed you Mike. I was pretty much all over the place buying tools and watching demos.
    It's really amazing to me how big quad state has gotten. I've been going to it on and off for over 15 year when it was out at the Studebaker home stead and shop. I miss looking at all the old cars. They would take them out of the garages and put them on display for the hammer in.
    I'm rambling but thanks for the kind words hope to run into you next year.
    Macabee Knives
    There are no mistakes in bladesmithing only design modifications.


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