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    English band sword

    Hello, I haven't been on the Forum in a while thought I would drop in and say hello to everyone and pick your brains on dating a English Band/Musician Sword. The information I have so far dates it to 1790 up until 1820....this has been from both reasearch on the net as well as one book I have "British Military Swords by John Wilkinson". From what I understand this book is not very accurate so this is why I decided to port some pictures. There is very little written about Band/Musician Swords so I am hoping someone has some information. I also want to say the the owner is aware of me asking and I have their permission to post the pictures.
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    Does anyone have anything in any referencce books that may shed some light on this style of sword and its age?

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    Hi Brian,

    Your dating sounds plausible given the style of the lion's head, and I would agree that this is British despite the apparent lack of any blade etching or maker's name. The crossguard engraving with the music book and instruments is a bit "generic", though, so I doubt you're going to get anywhere with tying it down to a particular regiment. Looks like a band sword done slightly on the cheap!

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    Thanks John for your reply..if anyone else wants to weigh in please feel free..the more knowledge the better.

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    I was looking for an early band sword (pre 1815), so generic is a good thing for me since early band members of the British Army were civilian and they purchased their own swords for protection. It meets the royal warrant of 1786 regarding Band members carrying a side arm for protection and the style expected. I am finding it very difficult to find very many pre 1815 musician swords....this style is one of the few I am aware of that is pre 1815. Victorian musician swords are a lot more decorative...they just don't fit into what I collect. Some musician swords fall into a grey area that I am trying to avoid. Does anyone else have a pre 1815 musician sword that they would like to share?


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