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Thread: A Massive German Fire Department Officer Dagger from SOS

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    A Massive German Fire Department Officer Dagger from SOS


    I picked up an interesting Feuerwehr (FW) Officer style dagger by Alexander Coppel at the Louisville, KY Show of Shows (SOS) and I wonder if anyone has seen a big one like this before? *It is longer by the length of the nickeled scabbard drag than my standard Alcoso (scales) commonly seen FW Officer dagger. *The black leather scabbard has two suspension rings for the two strap black leather officer hanger. *It also has a large sawback blade with a rather standard FW etching on both sides. *The blade is marked "AC" on the edge like we see on other Coppel *sawback bayonets. *The clamshell is plain and the grip is black horn. *Most FW sidearms of this size that I see are NCO styles that are worn vertically in a frog rather than being suspended by straps via rings.

    Any idea what the Coppel catalog number for this monster might be?

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