The Antique Classifieds serves the Antique Arms & Armor Community here on SFI. This forum is NOT for modern-made replicas or reproductions. This forum is strictly for antiques.

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1. Caveat Emptor. SFI provides this board as a convenience to our members. We will NOT mediate, arbitrate or take responsibility for transactions. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take every precaution and to obtain documentation / legal proof for your transaction and for your own legal recourses should a transaction fail.

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3. The Classifieds will be periodically cleaned of older posts. Save information or images elsewhere if you wish to keep them.

4. Only Post For Sale (FS) or Want-to-Buy (WTB) / Want-to-Trade (WTT).

5. This classifieds is for Antique & Military swords. Other appropriate items include antique/military daggers, bayonets, pole arms, military knives, sword-related books and reference material. We reserve the right to delete without notice any material we deem inappropriate. Please use common sense before posting!

6. Please do not post links that navigate people away to see sales on another website. If you post it here, it must be for sale here and no place else. This is to avoid possible conflicts-of-interest or exploitation of this service. e.g. posts for sales on Ebay are not allowed. Some websites have malevolent javascripts. We will remove posts that violate this policy.

7. If you are not the seller or a prospective buyer, please be courteous and make any comments that are not directly related to the sale via PM/email.

8. No fishing. This classifieds is NOT for testing interest, fishing for a price or for use as a private auction. Accurate appraisals cannot be done via the internet and this is NOT the place to have a sword appraised. Please clearly post the price!

9. Seller must be the Owner. You must be the OWNER, i.e. in physical possession of the item. You are not permitted to act as a representative or broker for someone else's property.

10. If in doubt ask a moderator.