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Thread: Joe Walters Katana With bo-hi

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    Joe Walters Katana With bo-hi

    Some of you may remember this Joe Walters Katana that Joo-Hwan Lee put up for sale in April of 2007. I was the lucky guy who got it and after much procrastinating I finally had it mounted by Fred Lohman. I just got it back today. He quoted 2 - 3 months but he got the blade mounted in two weeks! Here are the details on the blade:

    Steel: 1086

    Nagasa (blade length): 28" w/bo-hi (groove); slightly extended chu-kissaki (point)

    Sori (Curvature): ~0.75''

    Nakago (tang length): 10.75"

    Hamon (temper style): Suguha

    All the mounts were furnished by Fred Lohman except for the tsuba which came from Shadow Of Leaves. The tsuka is 11 1/2 inches long and wrapped in Blood Red Silk. Fred Lohman was great (even when it was obvious I couldn't make up my mind) and I would not hesitate to use his company again.

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    Very nice, I like the combination of Maroon ito and Black Same. Alot better choice than say, bright red ito i think.

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    Thumbs up

    That has to be one of the most awesome and gorgeous blades I have seen posted here in a while!! Just not enough suguha style hamon being made out there these days, and this one looks beautiful! And I really love the curvature of the blade. I am guessing the original owner designed the blade, but I love your choices in colors and fittings design and how Fred Lohman mounted everything. You are one lucky man!!!

    One thing though... isn't Joe Walters an American custom sword smith? Shouldn't this be in the General Forum and not Modern Production Katanas?

    Anyway, thank you for sharing pictures of your sword! Jeez... what a way to start your first very post on the forum too!
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    That is a heck of a nice daito and I really love the tsuba. I tried to buy it from Mike myself many months ago and found out that it'd already been snatched up. It looks great on that sword and overall, what an amazing package. Wow.
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    I think you are right, I should have posted this in the General Forum. Maybe the moderator can move it?

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    Congrats on a great peice. Will you be getting a blade to match this in the future?

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    Probably not a matching blade - something new.

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    Nice nice piece. Very solid work Fred Lohman Co.
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    excellent, looks very nice!


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