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Thread: Books we all have

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Cloke View Post
    Here is my smaller list.....happy to discuss any with anyone...

    1000 Marks of European Blademakers --- by Lenkiewicz, Zygmunt S.

    You can go off people quickly

    Ive been looking for this for a few years now

    WOOT ! one just came live on Abe books my precious
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    Here is my 'new collector' NSW Australian contingent of sword related books....

    Swords in colour by Robert Wilkinson-Latham.
    Sword Collecting for Amateurs by James Henderson.
    The Swords of John Jacob by Graeme Rimer.
    The Indian Army by Boris Mollo.
    Antique Edged Weapons by Leslie Southwark.
    Antique Weapons and Armour by Robert Wilkinson-Latham.
    Swords and Daggers by Frederick Wilkinson, 1967.
    Swords and Daggers by Frederick Wilkinson, 1985.
    Australian Service Bayonets by Ian Skennerton.
    World Bayonets 1800 to present by Anthony Carter.
    Antique Weapons by Richard Akehurst.
    Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945 by Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory.
    Various 'List of Changes in British War Material re Edged Weapons.


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    If anyone can suggest any books with extensive pictures for my reference library, feel free to let me know. I'm always hunting for some more books to add to my collection. I just picked up Bashford Deans Catalogue of European Daggers in its unbound condition (coincidentally I have its companion book Catalogue of European Court Swords and Hunting Swords in the same condition) and am eager to have it professionally bound into a matching set. Took me six years of hunting to finally get a copy.
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    Dominic. WOOT?
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    Woot originated as a hacker term for root (or administrative) access to a computer. However, with the term as coincides with the gamer term, "w00t". "w00t" was originally an trunicated expression common among players of Dungeons and Dragons tabletop role-playing game for "Wow, loot!" Thus the term passed into the net-culture where it thrived in video game communities and lost its original meaning and is used simply as a term of excitement
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    I have on-line put an alphabetically regular list of German and international books in August, 2009. She shows all books (249 piece at the moment) in the "deutsches-blankwaffenforum" were introduced.
    However, I do not know whether I here them may point, because the List is from a another (my) forum. In this list you can see the photos the book covers if one clicks on a button beside the titles, but in addition one must be registered there.

    Every book is described in the forum, indeed, in German. However, a translation should be no problem. There are programs for it.

    What does mean the administration?

    I hope, you can read my English.
    I must use partially a translater .

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    Hi, I have taken all the Firearms books out of my list so here goes:

    Author Title and description
    AKEHURST, Richard Antique Weapons - for Pleasure and Investment London, United Kingdom: London, John Gifford Ltd 1st Edition 1969 , 14x22cm , 174 , d/w VG, one of the 4 blank pages provided for 'Notes' inside the back cover lists a collection of 18 items belonging to the book's original owner. Good condition. ISBN:0707102413.

    Alexander, David THE ARTS OF WAR. Arms and Armour of the 7th to 19th centuries (The Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art, VOL. XXI) Hardback | 240 pages | Oxford University Press | The Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art | 1993 ISBN: 0197276180

    AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ARMS AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ARMS COLLECTORS: BOOK OF EDGED WEAPONS. 352pp., 4to, fully illus. 2004. All the edged weapons papers that have been delivered to the Society since its founding 50 years ago. The articles include the following categories: American Swords, Confederate Swords, British Swords, Japanese Swords, Scottish Edged Weapons, Rapiers & more.

    ANGLO, Sydney THE MARTIAL ARTS OF RENAISSANCE EUROPE, Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 2000.

    ANNIS, P.G.W. NAVAL SWORDS British and American Naval Edged Weapons 1660-1815 published by the Arms & Armour Press 1970 80p

    ASHDOWN, Charles Henry EUROPEAN ARMS AND ARMOUR, this edition published by Barnes & Noble, Inc 1995 384 p. Previously produced as BRITISH & CONTINENTAL ARMS AND ARMOUR ISBN: 1-56619-651-5

    ASTVATSATURYN, E and S Monachov, U Shokarev ANCIENT WEAPONS FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE STATE HISTORY MUSEUM, MOSCOW 1993 Moscow A very fine book on weapons in the museum's collection. The weapons described are illustrated with superb full color photographs. English/Russian text. Hc. 141pp.

    AYLWARD, J.D. THE SMALL SWORD IN ENGLAND its History, its Forms, its Makers, and is Master Hutchinson of London 1960, Hardcover 176p
    Belote, Theodore T. American and European Swords in the historical Collections of the United States national Museum, Smithsonian Instituet Washington D.C. PB 163 pp

    BEZDEK, Richard H. AMERICAN SWORDS AND SWORD MAKERS, This is the first book ever to span the complete history of American swords, sword makers and sword dealers from Colonial times to the present. More than 200 exquisite photos of important cavalry, infantry, artillery and naval swords and the most complete bibliography in print on swords and sword makers make this the definitive volume for collectors and historians. 8 1/2 x 11, hardcover, photos, illus., 664 pp. ISBN: 0873647653

    BEZDEK, Richard H. AMERICAN SWORDS AND SWORD MAKERS, VOLUME II features a bonanza of new information on makers and dealers of swords, bowie knives, tomahawks and guns as well as silversmiths who mounted swords. More than 250 stunning photos of rare swords from the top collections in the country and original illustrations from contemporary sources. American Swords and Sword Makers, Volume II is an invaluable sourcebook for sword collectors, military historians, antique dealers and anyone with an interest in Militaria, edged weaponry or unique American works of art. 8 1/2 x 11, hardcover, photos, illus., 384 pp ISBN: 158160016X

    BEZDEK, Richard H. GERMAN SWORDS AND SWORD MAKERS Edged Weapon Makers from the 14th to the 20th Centuries. This book presents the most information ever published on German sword and edged weapon makers from the Middle Ages to the present. This is an indispensable resource for sword collectors, historians, antique dealers, weapon experts and researchers. 8 ½ x 11, hardcover, photos, illus., 248 pp. ISBN: 1581600577

    BEZDEK, Richard H. SWORDS AND SWORD MAKERS OF ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND hard Cover New Condition, 394pp, Published by Paladin Press 2003 ISBN 1-58160-399-1.

    BEZDEK, Richard H. SWORDS AND SWORD MAKERS OF THE WAR OF 1812 Swords of the War of 1812 era are highly collectable and extremely valuable today. This book is filled with little-known historical data about the men, companies and government arsenals that made, sold, stockpiled and issued swords during this often overlooked period in American armaments production. 8 1/2 x 11, hardcover, photos, illus., 104 pp. ISBN: 0873649273

    BLACKMORE, David ARMS & ARMOUR OF THE ENGLISH CIVIL WARS Paper back copy good condition, Published by the Royal Armouries, ISBN 0-948092-08-4, Pp99

    BLACKMORE, Howard L. ARMS & ARMOUR. 160pp. Fully illustrated. P.B. 1965 a Dutton vista PICTUREBACK 160p.

    BLACKMORE, Howard L. HUNTING WEAPONS, THE ARMS & ARMOUR SERIES Published by Barrie & Jenkins London Reprinted 1972 401p

    BLAIR, Claude EUROPEAN ARMOUR. Published by Batsford 1958, 248p

    BLAIR, Claude EUROPEAN & AMERICAN ARMS C. 1100-1850. Med. 4to. First Edition; pp. X, 134; col. Frontis., 98 plates, 18pp. Line illusts., notes, bibliog., index; a very good copy in ragged d/w. B.T. Batsford, Ltd London (1962)

    Bloomer WH and KD Scottish Regimental Badges 1793-1971 An illustrated reference guide for collectors Hard cover pp73

    BOSANQUET, Henry T.A. Captain THE NAVAL OFFICERS SWORD, Her Majesty's stationary office. HC 239pp.

    Bottomley, I. & Hopson A.P. Arms and Armour of the Samurai, HC Saturn Books 1996, 192 pp

    BOUTELL, Charles ARMS AND ARMOUR IN ANTIQUITY AND THE MIDDLE AGES Combined Books Edition 1996 296p

    Brinckerhoff, Sidney B. and Chamberlain, Pierce A. Spanish Military Weapons in Colonial America 1700-1821 Stackpole Books, 1972 Red Cloth. Very Good/Very Good. Quarto. 159pp. 274 plates.

    BULL, Stephen AN HISTORICAL GUIDE TO ARMS & ARMOUR. Edited by Tony North. Studio Editions London. Copyright 1991

    BULL, Stephen EUROPEAN SWORDS Shire 298 Album, Shire Publications paper back 32p

    BURTON, Richard F. THE BOOK OF THE SWORD Dover Publications, Inc. New York 1987 299p

    BYAM, Michelle COLLINS EYEWITNESS GUIDES ARMS & ARMOUR Harper Collins Publishing 1991

    Bygate, John G The Hollow Blade - The german swordmakers of shotley bridge SC 74 pp.

    CALDWELL, David H. SCOTTISH WEAPONS & FORTIFICATIONS 1100-1800, John donald Publishers Ltd, 1981 ISBN 0 85976 047 2.

    CAMPBELL, Lord Archibald HIGHLAND DRESS, ARMS AND ORNAMENT Dawsons of Pall Mall 1969, HC Pp176

    CAMPBELL, Lord Archibald SCOTTISH SWORDS FROM THE BATTLEFIELD AT CULLODEN Edited & Annotated by E. Andrew Mowbray. Copyright 1971. Printed in the USA, Mowbray Company Publishers Providence Rhode Island 63p.

    CANNAN Fergus Scottish Arms and Armour (Shire Collections) (Paperback) by Fergus Cannan

    CARRINGTON-PIERCE (P.) A HANDBOOK OF COURT AND HUNTING SWORDS 1660-1820. Facsimile of 1937 edn., limited to 75 copies, 102pp., fully illus. 2001. Our own reprint of a classic study, one of the pioneering works on court & hunting swords.

    CHODYSNSKI, A. Editor PERSIAN ARMS AND ARMOUR Poland: Museum Zamkowe W Malborku, 2000 Pictorial Cover. As New/As New. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. Persian and Indo-Persian Arms and Armor of the 16th - 19th century from Polish collections. A magnificent work with 287 color & b/w photographs and drawings. 396pp. Pictorial board covers.

    CIMARELLI, Aldo G Arms & Armour Hardcover pp64

    Clunie, Fergus Fijian Weapons & Warefare

    COE, Michael D. SWORD & HILT WEAPONS. Text Copyright Michael D Coe, Peter Connolly, Anthony Harding, Victor Harris, Donald J. Larocca, Thom Richardson, Anthony North, Christopher Spring & Frederick Wilkinson 1989. First Published by George Weidenfeld and Nicolson Ltd.

    Colin Churchill and Ray Westlake British Army Collar Badges 1881 to the present by Colin Churchill and Ray Westlake 1986

    CULLODEN, THE SWORDS AND THE SORROWS. An exhibition to commemorate the Jacobite rising of 1745 and the battle of Culloden 1746.

    CURTIS, Tony The LYLE official ARMS & ARMOUR Review 1976 Lyle Publications 1975 347 p
    CURTIS, Tony The LYLE official ARMS & ARMOUR Review 1977
    CURTIS, Tony The LYLE official ARMS & ARMOUR Review 1978
    CURTIS, Tony The LYLE official ARMS & ARMOUR Review 1979
    CURTIS, Tony The LYLE official ARMS & ARMOUR Review 1980
    CURTIS, Tony The LYLE official ARMS & ARMOUR Review 1981
    CURTIS, Tony The LYLE official ARMS & ARMOUR Review 1982
    CURTIS, Tony The LYLE official ARMS & ARMOUR Review 1983
    CURTIS, Tony LYLE PRICE GUIDE TO MILITARIA ARMS & ARMOUR 1995 448pp., 24x16cm., fully illus.incl. colour 1993,

    DARLING, Anthony D. DARLING, Anthony D. SWORDS FOR THE HIGHLAND REGIMENTS 1757 - 1784 published by Andrew Moebray Inc, 62p.B37

    DARLING, Anthony D. WEAPONS OF THE HIGHLAND REGIMENTS Historical Arms Series No.33

    DENNIN, A. MONOGRAMS, MARKS AND INITIALS OF THE ARMOURERS. An edited facsimile reprint from his larger work, 41 photocopied pp. In P.B. Binding, figs.n.d.

    DILLON, Viscount ARMOUR P.S.A. Arms & Armour Press. 1968, pb Pp75.

    DOLINEK, Vladimir & Jan Durdik THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF EUROPEAN HISTORICAL WEAPONS Hamlyn 1993, hc WITH dj Pp351, ISBN:0 600 57538 1.B62

    Drummond, James R.S.A. Ancient Scottish Weapons a series of ddrawings by the late james drummond, R.. A. Ken trotman Publishing 2006 SC

    DUFTY, Arthur Richard EUROPEAN ARMOUR IN THE TOWER OF LONDON Published Her Majesty’s stationary office 1968.

    DUFTY, Arthur Richard EUROPEAN SWORDS AND DAGGERS IN THE TOWER OF LONDON Published Her Majesty's stationary office 1968.

    EDGE, David & PADDOCK John Miles ARMS & ARMOUR THE MEDIEVAL KNIGHT. Copyright 1988 Bison Books Ltd

    Egerton Of Tatton A Description of Indian and Oriental Armour : Illustrated from the Collection Formerly in the India Office Now Exhibited at South Kensington and The Authors Private Collection: With An Introductory Sketch of the Military History of India/Egerton of Tatton. Reprint of first edition. First published : London, 1896. New Delhi, Asian Educational Services, 2001, viii, 178 p., plates, maps, ISBN 81-206-1205-1.

    Egerton, Wilbrahim Illustrated Handbook of Indian Arms and thise of Nepal, Burma, ThailandMalaya, a Originally published at London in 1880 Reprinted 1981, SC 162pp.

    Elgood, Robert Arms and Armour of Arabia in the Eighteenth, Nineteenth Centuries, the London, Fine/Nr fine 1st American. Folio - over 12" - 15" tall. ISBN 0-85967-972-1. Excellent study of surviving weapons used by Arab nomads, discusses centres of manufacture, origin of Damascus swords, tribal customs of warfare and more, with many B&W and colour photos. 138pp, index, hard cover.

    ELGOOD, Robert HINDU ARMS AND RITUAL: ARMS AND ARMOUR FROM INDIA 1400-1865. 304pp., 342 illus. incl.210 colour, map. 2004. The definitive reference & a superbly produced & authoritative publication. Unlike most studies which concentrate upon Mughal arms & armour, Robert Elgood's new study is the first covering Hindu arms since the 19th century. It concentrates upon the Tanjore Palace Armoury, which was dispursed by the East India Company. Notice has been sent out concerning publication, but we hope to provide more specific details next catalogue.

    ELGOOD, Robert ISLAMIC ARMS AND ARMOUR ; A magnificent production by the Scolar Press of the incredibly varied arts and crafts of weaponry in the Islamic world. Drawing together the best of modern research in a long-neglected field, chapters include daggers, bows, swords, axes, Oriental armor, armor inscriptions, warfare in Islam and detailed examination of decoration, the whole lavishly illustrated with the finest plates in color and line drawings. 9-1/2x13, 252pp., profusely illus. in color and b&w, bib., index. London, 1979.

    ELLACOTT, S.E. COLLECTING ARMS AND ARMOUR. ARCO Publications1964. Printed in Great Britain by Ebenezer Baylis & Son Ltd Worcester London 128p.

    ELLIS DAVIDSON, Hilda .R. THE SWORD IN ANGLO SAXON ENGLAND Boydell Press 1994 corrected reprint edition HB w/DJ, Fine condition, many illustrations, 280 pages. ISBN: 0-85115-355-0

    EVANGELISTA, Nick THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE SWORD Greenwood Press Westport, Connecticut. London 1995 690 p. ISBN: 0-313-27896-2

    FAKTOR, Zdenek KNIVES & DAGGERS. Drawings by Michael Bouzak. Hamlyn 1989 264p

    Ffoulkes, Charles Arms and Armament: An Historical Survey of the Weapons of the British Army London (1947) 2nd edition. Harrap Pub. 158 pages. Illustrated. Good+ in good d.j. but notations and underlining in pencil and a few pages.

    FFOULKES, Charles and HOPKINSON, E.C. SWORD, LANCE AND BAYONET New York: Arco, 1967 Hard Cover. Good/Good. Second Edition. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall. 145 pages with index, 80 illustrations

    FIGIEL, Leo S. ON DAMASCUS STEEL 1991 Covers Persian & Indian sword blades, from 1600-1800, which have never been published, illus. A wide range of patterns in Oriental Damascus steel (in: gun barrels) 120 B&W and 28 color photos, Cover: Hard 160 pgs.

    FINER, Peter Peter Finer [Catalogue of Arms and Armour]. MCMXCV [1995]. 4to., stiff paper covers illustrated in color, 248 catalogued items, color illustrations. -- Bottom front corner bumped w/resulting diagonal crease to cover and first few pages. -- Good+ condition. Book # 2312

    FINER, Peter Peter Finer: England: 1996. First Edition. Raithby Lawrence & Co., Near Fine in wrappers. Catalogue of arms and armour, including Islamic arms and armour, European armour, artillery and Japanese items, beautifully photographed. Book # ABE-29376103

    FINER, Peter Peter Finer: The Old Rectory (click image for a bigger version) 1997. VG+. Catalogue of items for sale, including period armour, guns, cannons, crossbows and swords. Illustrated by Color Photos Throughout. Binding is Oversize Trade-Paper. Book # 001617
    FINER, Peter Peter Finer: England: 1999.
    FINER, Peter Peter Finer: England: 2001, 5th Catalogue
    FINER, Peter Peter Finer: England: 2003, 6th Catalogue


    FORMAN, James D. THE SCOTTISH DIRK Historical Arms Series No 26 Paperback Second Printing 1993 Museum Restoration Service ISBN 0-919316-26-3, pp56.

    FROST, Gordon H BLADES AND BARRELS, Six Centuries of Combination Weapons Walloon Press, El Paso, TX, 1972. Good condition of this rare book on 'combination weapons' with nearly 400 clear and generous photographs and drawings of everything from a brass knuckles with a built-in blade and .22 rimfire pistol to a pepperbox umbrella. A really unusual collection of weapons. Handsome maroon cover with an impressed illustration of a cutlass/pistol, combination and the book's title. The title, author and publisher are in handsome raised letters in a coppery-gold. First edition, large format. HB. Book

    FRYER, Douglas J. ANTIQUE WEAPONS A-Z G Bell & Sons 1969, 114pp.

    GAMBLE, James D. BATTLE AXES Mowbray company Providence Rhode Island Publisher 1981 Pp93 Hardcover

    GARDNER, Colonel Robert E. SMALL ARMS MAKERS, New York: Bonanza Books (1963). 4to, pp.378, bibliography. Illustrated with marks of various makers. Gray cloth, dust jacket, very good+ in lightly edge worn but very good dj. Lists the names, locations, dates & products of over 13,000 fabricators of small arms.
    Garrett, Solyom The book of the Javanese Keris Paperback Pp 64

    GHIRINGHELLI (V. & M.) THE INVINCIBLE KRISES. Joint English & Italian text, 142pp., fully illus. with colour photos., P.B. 1991. Excellent, well illustrated study of the kris.

    GILKERSON, William BOARDERS AWAY I with steel-edged weapons and polearms. Andrew Mowbray Publishing 1991 hard cover ISBN: 0-917218-50-7, New Condition 160pp

    GILKERSON, William BOARDERS AWAY II: FIREARMS OF THE AGE OF FIGHTING SAIL. 332pp., fully illus. 1993. The best study of naval firearms, up to the acclaimed standard of the first volume which covers edged weapons.

    GYNGELL, Dudley S. Hawtrey ARMOURERS MARKS, Hard cover with Original Dust Jacket 131p, Good Condition. First Edition 1959 Thorsons Publishers.



    HAYWARD, John SWORDS AND DAGGERS VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM Her Majesty’s stationery office 1963 paper back 10p 46 plates.

    HELD, Robert ART, ARMS & ARMOUR AN INTERNATIONAL ANTHOLOGY edited by Robert Held. Volume I: 1979-80

    HENDERSON, James SWORD COLLECTING FOR AMATEURS, 1969 By Ebenezer Baylis and Son. Pp144 Hard Cover Good Condition, torn d/j.

    Holmes, Richard Weapon a visual history of Arms and Armour HC Pp360

    HUMBLE, Richard WARFARE IN THE MIDDLE AGES. (London): Bison, 1989. First edition. Folio, cloth, 192pp. With illustrations including several in colour. Fine in a nice d/w

    HUTTON, Alfred, F.S.A. THE SWORD AND THE CENTURIES 500 Years of European Swords and the Duels that have been fought with them. 1995 Barnes and Noble 367p ISBN: 1-56619-690-6
    Janzen, Jerry L Bayonets in the Remington Cartridge Period. HC 186 pp


    KLUCINA, Petr ARMOR FROM ANCIENT TO MODERN TIMES illustrated by Pavol Pevny. Barnes and Noble Books 1997

    KRENN, Peter and KARCHESKI, Jr Walter J IMPERIAL AUSTRIA, TREASURES OF Art and armour from the state of Styria – Art Exhibitions Australia Limited 1998 ISBN 1-875460-11-x SC 133p

    KULINSKY, Alexander EUROPEAN EDGED AND STAFF WEAPONS. In Russian & English, 548pp., 4to, colour plate section illustrating 528 items, other colour illus.& b/w line drawings in text . 2003. A hugely illustrated survey of European edged weapons & polearms from the 17th to 20th centuries.

    KULINSKY, Alexander RUSSIAN SIDERARMS, POLEARMS AND BAYNETS This book made in Russia by PUBLISHING HOUSE "ATLANT" in St.Petersburg in 2001. TWO VOLUMES. Volume -1-has--383 pages, Volume -2 -- has 275 pages. Text in Russian and English. This book have a lot of color plates , hard cover, gloss-quality paper print,rich color illustrated . This book offers the full scientific treatment and classification of hallmarks of famous Russian arms from XVIII-XX centuries. HARD COVER. Size - 8¼"×5¼" or-- 210 X 145 MM.


    LHOSTE Jean, & RESEK Patrick LES SABRES PORTÉS PAR L'ARMÉE FRANÇAISE. In French, 496pp., 4to, massively illus. 2001. A major & quite overwhelming reference detailing the sabres adopted by the French army. It includes over 1000 illustrations.


    LINDSAY, Merrill MINATURE ARMS H/C Winchester Press New York 1970, 110 pages,bw/color photos/illus,text vg,covers lightly soiled,firear,ms.

    LINDSAY, Merrill The Lure of Antique Arms David Mc Kay, Pub. 1976 Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. ISBN:0679202994. Mylar covered jacket..Remainder mark on bottom edge of pages

    MANN, Sir James & Norman MANN, Sir James & Norman WALLACE COLLECTION CATALOGUES, EUROPEAN ARMS AND ARMOUR 2 Vols & Suplement., London 1962. Supplement by A.V.B. Norman

    MARTIN, Paul Armour and Weapons Published by Herbert Jenkins, London 1968. 1st English edition. In good condition, minus its dust-jacket. 298 pages, 237 black and white plates, 20 colour plates and 21 line-art figures. The book is divided into two sections, the first detailing the evolution of armour in Europe from the 8th through to the 17th century, horse armour, tourneys and armourers, the second section describing weapons; swords, shields (strange break-down perhaps!), saddles, lance, staff weapons and missile weapons. A comprehensive treatment, lavishly illustrated.

    MARTYN, Charles. The British Cavalry Sword From 1600. 224pp., illus.with photos. 2004. A guide for collectors of British Cavalry swords, with examples both from the author’s extensive personal collection plus details of other types not generally publicise.

    MAVRODIN, Valentin FINE ARMS FROM TULA, Firearms and edged weapons in the Hermitage Leningrad, Harry N. Abrams Inc Publishers, New York 1977, ISBN: 0-8109-0904-9, Har cover good Condition, Pp187.

    MAY W.E. &, ANNIS P.G.W. Swords For Sea Service (two volumes) Published by Her Majesty Stationary Office, London: 1970 Her Majesty's Stationary Office

    MAY W.E. &, KENNARD, A.N. NAVAL SWORDS AND FIREARMS, Paper back Good Condition Pp22. Her Majesty's Stationary Office

    MAZANSKY (C.) BRITISH BASKET-HILTED SWORDS: A TYPOLOGY OF BASKET-TYPE SWORD HILTS. 292pp., 4to, fully illus. 2005. A hugely important study produced by the Royal Armouries. This is the first detailed attempt to find a method of cataloguing basket sword hilts, whose use extends from the Wars of the Roses to the Boer War. Prototypes, early developments, fully developed hilts & 'mortuary' hilts are all discussed.

    McGRATH (J.) SWORDS FOR OFFICERS OF THE ROYAL NAVY. 32pp., fully illus., P.B. 2004. Patterns from the Napoleonic Wars to modern times.

    MILLER, Yurij A. Caucasian Arms from the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg "Caucasian Arms from the State Hermitage Museum St Petersburg" by Yurij A Miller. Published by the Danish Arms & Armour Society. Text in Danish and English. 356 pages, colour or b&w photographs on virtually every page.

    MILLER, Yurij A. Russian Arms and Armour Hardcover Pp 207

    MOORE, Warren WEAPONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION AND ACCOUTREMENTS. NY: Promentory Pr. 1967 Large 8vo 225pgs. American Revolution, Revolutionary War Medals, Uniforms, Insignia.

    Mowbray, E. Andrew Mowbray, E. Andrew The Amercian Eagle-Pommel Sword the Early years - 1794-1830. HC 244pp

    NEUMANN, George G. BATTLE WEAPONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION Hardcover fine condition, 1998 by Scurlock Publishing, ISBN 1 880655 07 1, Pp 393.

    NEUMANN, George G. SWORDS AND BLADES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION Printed by David and Charles: Newton Abbot, 1973. 288 pages, including index and bibliography and glossary. HC. DJ Fine Condition


    NICKEL, Helmut ARMS AND ARMOUR THROUGH THE AGES, First edition, good condition, Hardcover 1971 Pp121 ISBN 0 00 191104 X, Collins St James Place London.

    NICOLLE, David C ARMS AND ARMOUR OF THE CRUSADING ERA 1050-1350 Volume 1 Commentary, Volume 2 Illustrations. Kraus International Publications 1988, 1038p

    NORDSTROM, Lena WHITE ARMS OF THE ROYAL ARMOURY Printed 1984 in Sweden by Bohuslaningens Boktryckeri AB ISBN 91-7810-165-4 , Hard Cover new condition, Pp341

    NORMAN, A.V.B. THE RAPIER AND THE SMALL-SWORD 1460-1820, Arms and Armour Press London 1980 Hard Cover 464 pp, ISBN:0-405-13089-9

    NORMAN, A.V.B. & WILSON G.M. TREASURES OF THE TOWER OF LONDON, Arms & Treasures. Compiled by A.V.B. Norman & G.M. Wilson

    NORMAN, A.V.B. and Don Pottinger ENGLISH WEAPONS AND WARFARE 449-1660 Barnes & Noble 1995 224p ISBN: 0 880 29 044 7.

    NORMAN, Vesley ARMS & ARMOUR, 1972 edition by Octopus Books Limited HC with DJ ISBN: 7064 012066, Pp96.

    NORTH, Anthony Victoria & Albert Museum EUROPEAN SWORDS Published USA 1982 by Stemmer House Publishers Inc.

    NORTH, Anthony Victoria & Albert Museum ISLAMIC ARMS Published USA 1982 by Stemmer House Publishers Inc.

    OAKESHOTT, Ewart A KNIGHT AND HIS CASTLE Second Edition Dufour Editions1997 126p, PB

    OAKESHOTT, Ewart A KNIGHT AND HIS WEAPONS Second Edition Dufour Editions1997 124 PB

    OAKESHOTT, Ewart EUROPEAN WEAPONS AND ARMOUR From the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution. ISBN 0 7188 2126 2, Lutterworth Press Guildford and London 1980. 288p Fine Condition.


    OAKESHOTT, Ewart SWORD IN HAND: A BRIEF SURVEY OF THE KNIGHTLY SWORD. 146pp., 4to, fully illus. 2001. The studies in this new volume were originally published as a series of articles in Gun Report. Together they represent a concise, informative analysis of the development of the medieval sword in Ewart's characteristically chatty style. Handsomely illustrated.

    OAKESHOTT, Ewart THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF WEAPONS, Arms and Armour from Prehistory to the age of Chivalry, reprinted 1994 359p

    OAKESHOTT, Ewart THE SWORD IN THE AGE OF CHIVALRY, reprinted 1994 146p

    PANT (G.) & K.SHARMA INDIAN ARMOURS IN THE NATIONAL MUSEUM COLLECTION: A CATALOGUE. 190pp., 4to, 229 colour illus. 2001. An outstanding catalogue published by the National Museum, New Delhi. Probably the finest catalogue of Indian armour ever produce

    PANT, Gayatri Nath INDIAN ARMS AND ARMOUR Volume II (Swords and Daggers), Army Educational Stores, New Delhi, 1980; bibliographies and indexes; foreword by N.R. Banerjee, Director National Museum New Delhi.


    PAUL, Jaiwant E By My Sword And Shield Roli Books Pvt. Ltd. Traditional weapons of the Indian warrior, English, ISBN: 81-7436-012-3, Hard Bound, January-1996,

    PETERSON, Harold L. ARMS AND ARMOR IN COLONIAL AMERICA 1526-1783 Published by Dover ISBN 0-486-41244-X (pbk). PB pp349.


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    PETERSON, Harold L The Book of the Continental Soldier Hard Cover pp287

    RANKIN, Robert Colonel SMALL ARMS OF THE SEA SERVICES. Flayderman, CT: 1972. A history of the firearms and edges weapons of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard from the Revolution to the present. Over 350 fine, detailed photographs with encyclopaedic reference to the small arms of the three branches of Sea Services. 2 25 pgs.

    RAWSON, P.S. THE ARMS AND ARMOUR SERIES THE INDIAN SWORD Published by Herbert Jenkins Ltd 1968, Pp108

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    SOTHEBY'S THE VISSER COLLECTION OF FINE, RARE AND IMPORTANT ARMS Part 1 London Tuesday 3rd July 1990 Auction Catalogue Fine Condition.
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    WITHERS, Harvey J.S. World Swords 1400 - 1945 an Illustrated Price guide for Collectors HC 296pp

    WITHERS, Harvey J.S. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Swords and Sabers: An authorative history and visual directory of edged weapons from around the world, shown in over 600 stunning colour photographs (Hardcover)

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    WYATT, R.J. Collecting Volunteer Militaria Hard Cover ISBN 0 7153 6296 8, 146pp

    Yumoto, John M Samurai Sword, the , A handbook Twelth printing 1975 HC 191 pp

    I also have Auction Catalogues from Wallis and Wallis from 1979 to current, Bonhams & Thomas Delmar.

    If anyone can reccomend a book not on my list, but worthwhile, please let me know

    Cheers Cathey

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    Impressing list. Do WILKINSON LATHAM, Robert Mr Wilkinson of Pall Mall - Volume 1 and 2 include list of serial numbers that would allow identifying year the numbered sword was made?


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    Hi Cathey,

    I don't know if this book has been recommended elsewhere in the forums, but the following is a magnificent, huge work on Persian weapons. Hundreds of full-colour photographs. Text is in English.

    Manouchehr Moshtagh Khoransani (2006) 'Arms and Armour from Iran; The Bronze Age to the end of the Qajar Period'.
    Legat-Verlag, Germany. ISBN 3-932942-22-1

    The author is a member of SFI


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    Hi David

    The list you are after is in several books, but not those. If you send me your private email I will send you a copy in a word document. My email is

    Cheers Cathey

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    Hi Alan

    Thanks for that I will try and track down a copy

    Cheers Cathey

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    Some impressive libraries listed indeed....

    my meager list in random order:

    The Book of Swords > Hank Reinhardt

    Art of the Sword > Robert L. O'Connell

    Weapon - A Visual History of Arms and Armour > DK Publishing

    The Art of Fencing > Nick Evangelista

    The Hundred Years War > Anne Curry / Osprey Pub.

    Weapons and Fighting Techniques of the Medieval Warrior > Martin J. Doughterty

    Teaching and Interpreting Historical Swordsmanship > Brian R. Price

    The Swordsman's Companion > Guy Windsor

    Fighting with the German Longsword > Christian H. Tobler

    The British Civil War > Trevor Royle

    The Civil Wars - A Military History of England,Scotland And Ireland 1638-1660 > John Kenyon and Jane Ohlmeyer

    The English Civil War > Peter Young & Richard Holmes

    The Civil War > Pitkin / Jarrod Publishing

    Soldiers of the English Civil War / 2 Cavalry > John Tincey & Angus McBride - Osprey Pub.

    Arms And Armour of the English Civil Wars - David Blackmore

    British Basket-Hilted Swords > Cyril Mazansky

    Swords and Blades of the American Revolution > George C. Neumann

    Swords and other Hilt Weapons > Various Authors

    Highland Swordsmanship > Mark Rector

    Renaissance Swordsmanship > John Clements

    Culloden - Swords and Sorrows > National Trust of Scotland

    Sotheby's Auction Cataloge -15 Dec. 2004

    European Weapons and Armour - From the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution > Ewart Oakeshott

    Records of the Medieval Sword - Ewart Oakeshott

    The British Cavalry Sword from 1600 > Charles Martin

    British Military Swords from 1800 to the Present Day > John Wilkinson Latham

    Living History > Phillip J.C. Elliot-Wright / Brassey's Master Class

    I really need to get the Bezdek Volumes on American Swords ....
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    "I was born for this" - Joan of Arc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas Fritz Zehe View Post
    I have on-line put an alphabetically regular list of German and international books in August, 2009. She shows all books (249 piece at the moment) in the "deutsches-blankwaffenforum" were introduced.
    Here is the list:

    I hope, you can read my English.
    I must use partially a translater .

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    Cathey, thanks a lot for the list.

    As for the sword books, recently I noticed new book about Spanish swords Espadas Espanolas. Have anybody has this book and can let us know what he/she thinks about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by David M. W. View Post
    Cathey, thanks a lot for the list.

    As for the sword books, recently I noticed new book about Spanish swords Espadas Espanolas. Have anybody has this book and can let us know what he/she thinks about?
    I have just received this book from a Spanish dealer, and gave it a good browse.

    This is a massive piece of work, a good 3 kilos. If someone wants just one comprehensive book on Spanish swords, this would more than satisfy. Author covers several hundred of Spanish swords, sabers and rapiers from the 1500s to-date.
    Not an in-depth study of Spanish sword-making, but a chronological and typological index, well-photographed, with sufficiently-brief annotations for each piece exhibited. Each page features one sword.
    Pricey at about $200. Text in Spanish. At this price level, a bi-lingual Spanish-English edition would be more attractive for the readers; still I must recommend this book as a good compendious guide to Spanish swords.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David M. W. View Post

    Impressing list. Do WILKINSON LATHAM, Robert Mr Wilkinson of Pall Mall - Volume 1 and 2 include list of serial numbers that would allow identifying year the numbered sword was made?

    Volume 2 has the sword numbers for each year from 1854 to 1974

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    hi robert sorry it looks as if i only had a quick boys look.thats what happens when you are in a hurry.

    cheers cathey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathey Brimage View Post
    hi robert sorry it looks as if i only had a quick boys look.thats what happens when you are in a hurry.

    cheers cathey
    No problems, it happens to us all!

    There are also, for those interested the Wilkinson Gun/Pistol/Revolver numbers from 1807 to 1906!

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    Just a heads up--Harvey Withers has updated British Military Swords, 1796 - 1912 :The Regulation Patterns: An Illustrated Price Guide for Collectors and it is available for pre-order. If memory serves, the original edition was considerably more expensive.

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    Would anybody know when Harvey's updated British Military Swords, 1796 - 1912 is going to be published?

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    British military swords 1786-1912


    I guess that I am the best person to answer this question!

    Had hoped to have it out for the end of August but software niggles (book was produced in 2003 with Microsoft Publisher and the newer version does not like it at all!) have put that back - am working hard at the moment to get it to printers this month but don't worry, it is definitely is coming out.

    Best regards,

    Harvey Withers

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    Thanks for your reply. I have already pre-ordered your book and just can't wait to put my hands on it .


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    Spanish books

    Here you have some spanish references, aside Espadas Españolas of Vicente Toledo. I must say this one is a definitely reference book (althoug I must reckon a bit expensive...).
    Dimitry, my friend, personally I have had to adapt to english, french, italian and german books, so I don´t know why this one should be a bi-lingual edition. I understand your point of view nevertheless...because this kind of words should have international pretensions.

    -3 siglos de armamento portátil en España. Bernat Barceló Rubí. 2002.
    -Armamento portátil español 1764-1939. Bernat Barceló rubí. Editorial San Martin. 1976.
    -Los sables del museo del ejército. Exposición temporal Junio-Julio 2005. Museo del Ejercito. Madrid.
    -Armamento español en la guerra de la Independencia. Reinado de Carlos IV y Guerra de la Independencia. 1788-1814. Ministerio de Defensa. 2008.
    -Armas Blancas en España. Rafael Ocete Rubio. Editorial Tucan. 1988.
    -Enciclopedia Ilustrada de las armas blancas- Editorial Susaeta. 1999.
    -Armeria del Palacio Real de Madrid. Editorial Patrimonio Nacional. 1987.

    This one is italian, and regarding napoleonic swords:
    -L´armamento della cavalleria napoleónica. Tiziano Tonelli. Ermano Albertelli Editore. 2001.

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    Some books including rare Spanish and Danish

    I removed the books on fencing, which were even more.

    BUTTIN, François. Catalogue de la collection d’armes anciennes européennes et orientales de Charles Buttin. (1933). 1996 Thusy, Charles Buttin. ISBN no. Wr.. 286+xxii planches +(12)pp..
    DE VALENCIA DE DON JUAN, Conde Vdo.. Catalogo Historico-Descriptivo de la Real Armeria de Madrid. (Madrid 1898). Facsimil. Valencia 2000, Paris-Valencia SL. ISBN 84-8339-127-9. Wr.. xvi+452pp..
    FLIEGEL, Stephen N.. Arms and Armor. The Cleveland Museum of Art. 1998 New York, Abrams. ISBN 0 8109 6376 0. Cl.+Dj.. x+181pp..
    FUNCKEN, Liliane, FUNCKEN, Fred. Le costume, l’armure et les armes au temps de la chevalerie. 1-du huitième au quinzième siècle. 2-le siècle de la Renaissance. Casterman, Tournai 1977, 1978. Bo. 156; 156pp..
    GAMBER, Ortwin, & BEAUFORT, Christian. Katalog der Leibrüstkammer. II teil, der Zeitraum von 1530-1560. 1990 Busto Arsizio, Kunsthistorisches Museum/Bramante Editrice. ISBN no. Cl.. 258pp.+158plates
    SACH, Jan. Enciclopedia ilustrada de las armas blancas. Praga/Madrid 1999, Aventinum/Susaeta. ISBN 84 305 9899 6. Hb..255pp..
    SCALIA, Fiorenza, et al.. Armi e Armati. Arte e cultura delle armi nella Toscana e nell’Italia del tardo Rinacimento dal muso Bardini e dalla Collezione Corsi. Firenze 1988, Centro Di. ISBN 88 7038 151 X. Wr.. 131pp..
    SOCIEDAD ESTATAL PARA LA CONMEMORACIÓN DE LOS CENTENARIOS DE FELIPE II Y CARLOSV. Carlos V. Las armas y las letras. Catalogus. Madrid 2000, Turner Libros.. ISBN 84-95146-33-9. Wr.. 562 pp..
    TRENSCHEL, Hans-Peter. Schutz- und Blankwaffen 13.-17. Jahrhundert. 1992 Würzburg, Mainfränkisches Museum Würzburg. ISBN 3 932461 06 1. Wr.. 122pp..
    ALMIRO CANELHAS, Armando. As espadas dos nossos navegadores (desde meados do seculo XV ao princípio do seculo XVII). Lisboa 1991, Museu de Marinha. ISBN 972 9312 16 8. Wr.. 26pp..
    GLADIUS. Tomo I (1961). Tomo II (1963). Tomo III (1964). Tomo IV (1965). Tomo V (1966). Tomo VI (1967). Tomo VII (1968). Tomo VIII (1969). Tomo IX (1970). Tomo X (1972). Tomo XI (1973). Tomo XII (1974). Tomo XIII (1977). Tomo XIV (1978). Tomo XV (1980). Tomo XVI (1983). Tomo XX (2000). Tomo XXI (2001). Tomo XXII (2002). Tomo XXIII (2003).
    GOGAN, Art. Fighting Iron. A metals Handbook for Arms Collectors. Lincoln 1999, Andrew Mowbray. ISBN 0 917218 86 8. Hb.. 176pp..
    SALVÁ Y MALLEN, Pedro. Colección de libros de Arte Militar, Esgrima, Gineta, Tauromaquia, Veterinaria, Cetreria y Caza. Biblioteca de Salvá. (Valencia 1872). Facsimil. Valencia 1993, Librerias Paris-Valencia. ISBN No. Wr.. 22pp..
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    BARCELÓ RUBÍ, Bernat. 3 siglos de armamento portatil en España. 2002 Terrasa, Autor. ISBN 84 607 5934 2. Hb.. 734pp..
    BEERMANN, Helmut. Solingen. Ein Streifzug durch fünf Jahrhunderte. Messer+Klingen. Solingen-Gräfrath 1993. Eigenverlag Martor. ISBN 3 9803196 0 1. Cl.. 384pp..
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    BRUHN, Ada. Svaerdfegeren Gottfried Leygebe. Kobenhavn 1945, Nordlundes Bogtrykkeri. ISBN no. Wr.. 76pp..
    BRUHN, Ada. Rustninger og gamle vaaben. Kobenhavn 1948, Thaning & Appels Forlag. ISBN no. Hb.. 96pp..
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    PS. I just noticed the original list was from 2006, it does not include the newest things like Melero Guilló, Mª Jesús y Bernalte Sánchez, A. 2006. Catálogo histórico descriptivo de la colección de armas blancas del Museo Naval de Madrid. Madrid: Ministerio de Defensa.
    Last edited by Javier Ramos; 09-14-2010 at 05:26 AM.
    La vida amable, el enemigo hombre fuerte, ordinario el peligro, natural la defensa, la Ciencia para conseguirla infalible, su estudio forçoso, y el exercicio necessario conviene al que huviere de ser Diestro, no ignore la teorica, para que en la practica, el cuerpo, el braço, y los instrumentos obren lo conveniente a su perfeccion. --Don Luis Pacheco de Narvaez.

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    Over 80% of my library of sword books went to auction this month. Should appear at the Wallis auction in october

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