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Thread: Organizations represented here

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    Organizations represented here

    Just curious, and thought it would be interesting and useful to have a list (perhaps even a sticky?) of what organizations are represented here.

    Could help for those who have questions about a certain school or system, and even just as a way for some of us to discover groups we didn't know existed.

    I say represented in the weakest possible sense; I've often found myself de-facto representative of the SAFD on this board, even though I'm not any kind of official spokesperson, certified instructor, etc. It's more just that I'm willing to informally answer questions as someone who's been a part of their system and organization for about a decade.

    So, disclaimers aside, I'll kick it off:

    Society of American Fight Directors
    Student since 1998, these days Advanced
    Actor/Combatant when I can keep everything current.

    International Order of the Sword and Pen
    By and large membership isn't a very active thing with this group; it's mostly about the Paddy Crean workshops, and the friendships and skills that emerge from those attending. I went to my first one in January of 99 I think, and have been to half a dozen since. Next one's this December/next January in Banff (Canada).

    ...and currently looking into affiliate membership of sorts with Art of Combat and/or the Independent Fight Director's Guild.
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    Feb 2002
    Portland, Oregon
    Instructor and co-founder
    Academia Duellatoria - Portland and Medford Oregon
    HWMA school currently focusing on Thibault; German medieval texts - longsword, rondel and staff, Morozzo augmented some by Fiore grappling work, Saviolo. Occasionally do theatre, public demo's and film work.

    Association for Historic Fencing
    Currently at the end of a two year term on the board of Directors. Certified tournament official.
    Jeff Richardson

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    Warsaw, Poland


    Group of Historical Fencing Milites Alraunae from Poland

    Many years of experience, including international, team includes professional stuntmen and historians.

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    Toronto Canada
    Certified Fight Director and Fight Instructor With Fight Directors Canada since 2001. I'm now a basic Adjudicator as well with FDC.

    Instructor at Rapier Wit, RW is a stage combat studio in Toronto run by FDC Fight Director, Instructor, Basic Adjudicator and former FDC president Daniel Levinson.

    I've also been certified by the SAFD as an actor combatant, but that lapsed in 2000.

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    Lansing, Michigan
    Founding Fight Director for Art of Combat

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    Leaf River, IL
    Although I have no claim to be a Fight Director I do drop in on this forum from time to time.

    My school is Gallowlgass Academy located near Rockford, IL.

    I teach rapier and a smattering of German longsword. I also work with 19th C. styles including Bowie knife, pugilism and Bartitsu.

    Gallowglass Academy

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    Co-Founder of The European Historical Combat Guild
    Senior Teacher and Secretary

    Member of the BADC, British Academy of Dramatic combat, formerly the Society of Britsh Fight Directors.

    Currently combat teacher at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, LAMDA, The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and the Rutgers University Consertoire at Shakespeare's Globe.

    Above all Honour

    Jonathan Waller
    Secretary, EHCG

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    I have made this thread sticky

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    I trained, performed, and taught with The Ring of Steel for 5 years. I then decided that group no longer had what I was looking for in a stage combat group, so I joined the Theatrical Combat Network. Then I moved to the west coast, and though I am still loosely associated with both organizations, I'm not actively participating with either.

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    Thanks Dennis. Are you our new adopted moderator?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Inouye View Post
    Thanks Dennis. Are you our new adopted moderator?
    I just look in from time to time, I am completely unqualified for the job.

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    Dallas, Texas
    Just got started in sage combat last year after a long time doing martial arts ( TKD, Aiki-Jujits) and a little fencing. My choreographers are long time students and or instructors in SAFD. I just finised the SAFD sponsored Texas Intensive and it lived up to its name. I'm rehearsing a rapier vs. dagger fight that devolves to hand to hand now. Tons of fun!
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    Los Angeles
    Hey gang, Bob here...

    Originally from Miami, started stage combat with the Royal Chessmen in '82, moved to LA in '89 where I was certified with SAFD by Eric Frederickson, worked on feature films "Hook" and "Army of Darkness", starred in "Ring of Steel" and "Dragon Fury", certified with SAFD, SBFD, and FDC at the First International Workshop in England '95, now producing the internet series "The Hunted" (

    You can find the rest of my info online at

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    Occurs to me I never updated this- I am now a Certified Teacher with the SAFD, so I suppose I can be said to represent them more officially now.
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