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Thread: Kukri from flea market

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    Kukri from flea market


    Can you tell me how old this Kukri is? I don't know much about these weapons.

    Length is 40 cm.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    nice kukri Peter.

    Difficult to accurately date these, certainly looks ww1 -ww2 era or earlier to me. Im sure some of the more knowledgable collectors will be along soon to give a better answer.

    interesting scabbard. nice piece.

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    Interesting spine

    N'abend Peter!
    Nice Catch - especially for a flea market piece - those flea markets I hang out only feature black horn handled tourist kukris with malformed lion heads .

    My take on it:
    - it is an authentique civillian kukri, traditional scabbard and most likely made for local use (not actually meant for export)
    - the deep spine grooves seem to vanish arround WW2 and are replaced by the "scratched in" lines that form the spine decorations of civilian kukris after WW2.
    - the scabbard looks as if it never had "buttons" attached to the leather strap to hold it in the belt - so that points to "arround WW2" or later as well.
    - The very round spine is something unusual and seems to be influenced either by older designs or the MKII.
    - the section from shoulder to tip reminds me a bit of the MKV that came into service during the early 1960s.
    - The slight angle in the handle gives it an "old school" look as well.
    - The handle of the side knives seem to be made from a different wood - so some chance that these are replacements.

    The features are quite contradicting - showing pre-WW2 and WW2/post WW2 characteristics.

    So my guess (an really isn't more) is: workhorse kukri 1940 to 1965 .... with both dates not to be taken as "carved in stone".

    Any chance you could get us some picture of the side knives - those might help as well. Also some info on weight, handle length and blade length would be great.

    again - neat authentique catch !

    As lo, the boy looked upon the beauty of the forward curved blade, and beauty stayed his hands
    and from that day forward, he was financially doomed.

    King Kukri, 2005

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    Hello Chaps,

    Id Agree its shape, features & style strikes me as probably ww2 or 50s era kukri {give or take 10 years.], probably made for native Civilians, although who actualy purchased it is anyones guess.

    Nice find Peter!



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