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Thread: Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth

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    Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth

    I wonder when this replica will come out?
    David Pan

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    I like the engraving on the cross, but I think Will S.'s is better:

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    Ahhh thanks for digging that thread up. I had been looking for it. I think Will S.' interpretitation is almost perfect. It's elegant without being gaudy.

    I think the one from the upcomming TV series looks like a $29.99 home shopping network wallhanger special.
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    Yeah, Will S.'s is definitely true to the original vision, where as the TV series....
    David Pan

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    Thanks guys.

    I too was dissapointed with the sword pictured in the series poster. Since I had made two swords for Terry and his webmaster had hinted at them being shown to Raimi... I didn't think mine were necessarily good enough to use or copy, but might have relayed a more authentic feel to the weapon than what they chose. To me the one chosen looks really artificial and cheap. I much prefer the "authentic/historical fantasy" look of the LOTR swords, or even the Kingdom of Heaven swords.,That was what I was after when I made mine, while staying as true as possible to the book description and obviously using the chapter heading drawing done by Terry himself.

    I have been sidetracked by life for the past while, but have plans to get back to work on two projects soon. One is a waaay overdue 90% completed commission for Mr. McIntyre, the other is another fantasy replica, this time from my favourite comic book series - now long dead.

    New job = new schedule = more time to play...
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    OMG!! Craig Parker is playing Darken Rahl! Go Haldir!!!


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