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Thread: Moderators Note on recent issues

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    Moderators Note on recent issues

    Dear fellow forumites.

    I'm rather disappointed that despite my recent and obvious warnings I had to ban a long time member.
    I hope sincerely that no further actions are neccessary, but I'd like to point out a few things:

    1. I do think that opposing opinions are a vital part in an academic debate - we can only advance when critically questioning mentioned theories and viewpoints.
    2. If we disagree we do so in a civilized manner. Personal attacks, snide remarks, sarcasm and actions to destroy the reputation of a poster have no place here. "warm and friendly" is the primary rule of SFI

    I personally like to apologize that in some threads the "warm and friendly atmosphere" went amiss. The responsibility has been mine allone as I wanted to avoid the drastique measures that I was now forced to apply.

    If someone in the future thinks attacking the reputation or personality of a member (active or not) will help his argumentation I'll apply the same drastique measures.
    My patience has reached its end and I'll no longer make use of warnings in that matter. Trying to revoke the trouble is a direct ejection seat.

    In the weeks to come I'll clean up the threads that were affected. While doing so I'll lock the thread.
    I beg your understanding for any inconvenience caused by this. I'm aware that editing the threads might lead to information on kukri getting lost - but that is a downside of the cleanup I'm willing to take.

    Thanks a lot for your understanding and support

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