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Thread: New to Euro swords

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    New to Euro swords

    I just bought my first nice Euro style sword, a Del-Tin 5157 Gothic Hand and a Half.

    I don't know too much in the Euro-sword community, where can I send this thing to get sharpened properly?

    A-Trim? Albion? Do they work on other brand swords for the right price?

    I'm totally lost here, and a half hour of playing with the search function didn't yield any results.

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    A-Trim can probably sharpen that for you, as he has familiarity with Del Tin swords.

    Contact him through his site at:
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    I believe Albion still offers sharpening for about $35, and you pay shipping both ways. Call them and ask. Gus might be harder to get ahold of, and most of all, welcome to the forums!
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    You can also try Art Elwell of A Work of Art:

    Or Russ Ellis of Tritonworks Scabbards:
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    I actually purchased it from Mr. Elwell, I wish I had known he has a sharpening service, I would have had him sharpen it before he sent it to me.

    I thank you for your welcome Mr. Arledge, but I've actually been around a while, I just had to change my login name recently because I forgot my password and my email had changed (Previously my username did not include my middle name).

    thanks for the pointers, I'll get in touch with Albion or Gus, and maybe Tritonworks, since I was considering either him or Christian Fletcher to make me a scabbard and rigging for this beast of a sword. (bit larger and heavier than the kats that the rest of my collection consists of)


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