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Thread: Rudderbows?

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    Has anyone here got a rudderbow made longbow?

    What do you think?

    I'm thinking of buying a u-Finish bow from them to finish up for my wife, and was wondering about objective quality opinions.
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    i am the president of the UW archery club and there are a few members with those and another that has bought the exact same u-finish kit.

    i have limited experience but have shot with them; they shoot really decent for all wood bows and especially considering their price range. wood bows seem to have a bit more shock and jolt to the hand compared to the fiberglass backed ones. i feel that their limitation is the hickory itself. hickory is not that great for a belly wood but better for backing. they seem to champion hickory a lot, but they do have an ash and epe; not sure if those are better though.
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