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Thread: Qin Dynasty sword.

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    Qin Dynasty sword.

    Hello friends,
    My seller put me on touch with another antiques seller that has a Qin Dynasty sword (more than 2000 years old!!!!!!!!). He want 60000 RMB, around 6000 USD.
    They say this sword is cheaper than the another because swords older than Ming Dynasty has not as good metal as the ones from XV century or after.
    These days I have been at the Forbbiden City Sword Museum, and there are real Qin and Han Dynasty swords that look very similar to this one, so I have the same dubts: is it real? It is a good price?
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    Honestly, I can't tell if it's real or fake.

    However, if it's a fake, $6000 is far and away too much. So, get it properly evaluated and if it's the real thing, for a decent price, I'd snap it up.
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    Emilio, go the the Panjiayuan area, there is the "Antique City" and a couple of other buildings stacked to the roof with real and faked antiques. On Saturdays there's the Panjiayuan "farmers market", and you also could check out the Liangmaqiao antique mall. You'll soon find out that there are countless twins of this sword (and the one you posted in another thread) for much less than what those dealers ask from you. However, in all of the above mentioned stores you might find one genuine item among every ten they offer, and at the farmer's market it's closer to 99%. Don't buy anything without a knowlegable person accompanying you - this is "fake city", my friend!

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    Qin sword is thin and long.


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