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September 23, 1991 (29)
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How long have you been on Sword Forum?:
Lurked for about a year before registration. Joined on 12/21/06
How did you hear about Sword Forum?:
Found it in a search for Biblical swords & armor; like the khopesh and Goliath's weapons and armor.
Sword Collection:
So far, I have a cheap, and yet good replica of Narsil with the Anduril runes scratched in, an epee blade that I hope to get a smallsword hilt for, a cheap wakizashi that has been cut down to a tanto, and my fav, a Marto Connor MacLeod katana!
anything you want to know? just ask! :)
Millbrook, Alabama
Anything that has to do with swords or swordfighting, regardless of realisticness or fantasy. I also like movies, several websites, and chatting/hanging out.
Sales associate
Favorite Swords:
Gigantic two-handers (or any sword type designed to be used with two hands), nihon-to, Rapiers, smallswords, broadswords of any kind, and some early bronze and iron age swords, side-swords.
Swordsmanship Style Practiced:
Though I took Olympic Sport Fencing for a short while and some longsword in recent months, my true style is no style; kill your enemy with little regard for "rules". Hey, that's how they used to do it back then; "Rules? What rules?"


Go ahead, mock me! But it wasnt he who was laughing at me... it was GOD!!! *Dies Irae!*


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