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  1. HELP, Hamon Collection, many plates coated + heated at autoclave + quenched together

    I will coat each steel plate edge with rice coal slurry and I will heat them at industrial autoclave and quench together


    What would be the best steel I can find easily at market and...
  2. Globally most abundant steel for etched most successful hamon ?

    I am preparing a online plan for etched steel hamon when I will distribute for free.
    I need to know which steel could be accessible from very small cut pieces to mid sized plates in whole world when...
  3. Density, Etch Depth and Sound Speed difference in Etched Hamon and Unetched area

    Hello there,

    I want to get your opinion on sound speed in steel on etched hamon and unetched area.

    And I want to learn density difference of both areas.

    And last what is the depth of hamon...
  4. I found excellent 1300 celcius degree refillable...

    I found excellent 1300 celcius degree refillable torch for 10 dollars , I think that is the solution for heating but I think I must get advise from you for above questions.

  5. Heat treatment at home is scary. I think electric...

    Heat treatment at home is scary. I think electric heat is the safest. Electric kilns are very expensive but I saw few very compact enamel- glass - melting and setting kilns. I think they are made...
  6. Advise : Hamon Experiments on A6 Size Small Steel Plates

    Hello there,

    I am an photographer who studies very old, complicated, nearly impossible to conduct chemical, physical experiments. I am trying to close the gap between photography and High Arts...
  7. Given Angle CNC Plasma Cutting Service, I need your experience and advise

    Hello there,

    I found an industrial plasma cutting shop.

    They have new machine.

    Machine can cut 1 to 40mm steel.

    New machine can cut with given angle , not only 90 degrees but head can cut...
  8. DIY Japanese and Damascus Steel at Garden

    I want to make my steel at my garden. I started to interest with such alloys after my archaeology education and 20 years used to discover zildjan alloy.
    I found two web sites related diy steel ,...
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