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Thread: Two bronze age knives

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    Two bronze age knives

    This is a near exact copy of the bronze knife from Kvarsebo, Sweden:

    The is cast in casting sand (modern). The blade hammer hardened, has a hollow bevel, with a thick spine but a thin and shaving sharp edge. The hilt is red dear antler. Total length: 34cm.

    The second one is a typical tanged knife of which a lot have been found f.e. in Germany. This blade is authentically cast in a stone mould, finished with modern tools.

    The blade is hammer hardened, and is also set in a red deer antler hilt (which has been found preserved on several examples of this exact same type of knife). The total length is 31cm.

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    i love the warm look of bronze age tools and weapons.
    Jeroen, this is beautiful work and thank you for sharing

    I wish I had more time for creating art

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    Both are beautiful. Great job, Jeroen.
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    Gorgeous, the both of them.


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