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Thread: Help for ID - Royal Navy Swords

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    Help for ID - Royal Navy Swords

    I have 3 1827 patter Royal Navy Swords and want to ID them. two have Brass HW proof slugs, the last one has a Brass proof slug with either JM or TM or SM??? Can't decide which it is! Any help appreciated, can post photos.

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    Gary. The sooner you post photos the sooner you will get some answers. Regards
    "Ancora imparo - Michelangelo Buonarotti"

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    Just posted it for you ;-)

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    The only firm I can find that might be correct is James Mackey, Army and Navy tailor, outfitter and sword cutler in Devonport at various addresses from 1850-1893.

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    Thank you Ben, do you have any details on them? I still can't find them in a google search and interested in the history of the sword so i can get it insured etc

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    Can you post a closeup of the hilt and blade etching? The scabbard looks very new and the guard has the kings crown so post 1901

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    Gary, rechecked my books ( Bezdek wrong again!) from May & Annis, ‘Sword for Sea Service ‘, his surname is spelt MACKAY: 1850 Catherine St. 1856-1857 Catherine St & George St. 1864-1867 Catherine St. 1870-1873 ditto. 1875-1881 6 Market St. 1882-1893 76 Fore St. All addresses in Devonport. Hope that helps.

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    I've zoomed in on the photos and I see a modern made sword. I would not trust the proof disc by itself to name or date this sword. Appears to be modern plating and just the shape of its parts do not suggest made in the 1800's. The grip appears plastic to me and these swords never had brown blade washers.

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    Hi All,

    I will take some close up photos next weekend as i'm on holiday. I would say the grip isn't plastic having held it, but open to all advice. More photos to come

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    Grip does look plastic actually when you zoom in. Not sure where my friend bought it but grateful for any advice on value, as he last left the RN now and wants to sell this.

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    It's a Indian or Pakistan replica like this one

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    I totally agree. A replica.

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    That's a great help thanks! would you be able to do the same for the other ones I have i i upload those too? I'll take some close up photos first and look myself before uploading.

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