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Thread: Good online places to buy swords

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    Good online places to buy swords


    I was wondering what are the websites where you do your sword shopping (in Europe)?

    In the past months my local options had only poor quality offers, and my favorite dealer who visited army fairs across Europe went out of business, so I was thinking to extend my search.

    I have found some french website ( which has some interesting pieces from time to time but most don't bother to sell outside of France. For some reason I am unable to find swords on ebay (uk or fr). I have also found a few Uk websites with swords, but most of them are pretty expensive compared to what I would expect (based on the prices that I hear from time to time here or on facebook). I mean, I saw British Infantry 1845 sold for something like 700-1000GBP and most of then are not in a very good shape.

    I am interested in European-style military swords from the 1800s-1900s, and their cousins from other places (like South America).

    I would be interested to learn about some websites with Austrian/German/Dutch swords (the language barrier makes it hard for me to find them, but Google Translate should be enough when I reach the right place). Also some British/French websites. I am guessing that Austrian swords should be available in all the empire countries (like Czech, Hungary, Slovakia, and so on), but again, they are pretty hard to find due to the language (but I'd love to find a good source of Austrian 1904 cavalry swords).

    Thanks in advance for rescuing somebody bored from being locked in home


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    Hi Victor,

    I find that dealers' prices vary hugely and the same sword could be sold for £200 by one and £500 by another. Much of it depends on how long they have been in business, I suppose. Anyway, a few I can recommend include Easton Antique Arms, War Department Militaria, Mandarin Mansion, Konrad Sherlock, A to Z Militaria, Art and Arms, and Thierry the Sword Guy has just launched a website. I'm not a dealer but I regularly have surplus swords to get rid of via my website, too. Ebay has banned sword sales in the UK, technically.

    I hope that helps a bit!


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    To be honest I was hoping more to find out the local websites in various countries were normal people (not business) sell stuff they don't need anymore, like a sword inherited from some relative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor S View Post
    To be honest I was hoping more to find out the local websites in various countries were normal people (not business) sell stuff they don't need anymore, like a sword inherited from some relative.
    Great idea! Why don’t you start one?

    I guess these items are sold through local auction houses or local online trading sites like ebay. Would be nice to buy without having to pay auction fees or shop mark-ups...

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    I don't think I need to start one - they exist for sure. At least in my country, but I bet there are everywhere. The kind of website with what in the old days were the newspaper classifieds.

    One of my swords was purchased from an old lady who found it under his dead brother's bed, wrapped in newspaper, moist from cat pee. Luckily only the scabbard was fully rusted, but the blade was still shining inside. This kind of purchase, with a real connection to the owner, is really nice.

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    Many dealers have some nice items but they are often very highly priced
    I´d say auctions, fire off a max bid and take into account the auction house fees and postage, you can get lucky.

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    Problem with auctions is that packing and shipping can double the cost of a cheap sword. Last week I was looking a Swedish auction house and the cavalry model 1893 were really cheap. Until you added the rest.
    In Spain, second hand sites can have bargains, but you have to see 50 wallhangers for each good piece, and that probably will have horrible pictures hiding a hideous condition. Not showing a broken tip is a classic.

    Last week this arrived from one of those. I still do not know what is it. 85 euro. It has still 20% of fire gilt.

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    A lion stepping on a Phrygian cap. It must be English or Dutch, somebody that hated the French/Batavian Republic.
    Most probably the sellers will not send abroad anyway.
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    [QUOTE=Javier Ramos;1236795 Until you added the rest.


    Yes, in Sweden packaging and shipping is insanely priced, you can buy a rear axle (diff) for your car and ship it across the country for less than they ask for shipping a sword, bought a sword from Matt Easton a few years ago, that was less in packing and shipping from England to Sweden than what they take from Stockholm to Gothenburg
    I spoke to one of the auction houses about this and their answer was "Antiques are expertly packaged by our packers" (bubblewrap with a cardboard box and tape)
    Shipping a sword (domestic) in Sweden will cost from 250 sek - 500 sek (same old box and bubblewrap)
    So.. Not all are "packers" are all that expensive and if noone else bids, well..
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