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Thread: sabres of the RMA sale

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    sabres of the RMA sale

    Hi All...long time been here...somethimes you met a trigger witch brings you back in a pic of the famous already RMA ( Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Collection sale a few weeks ago. As knowing this collection for 30 years the RM decided to sell a large part of there swords in stock coming for a big part from the Waterloo period...Never thought they would sell the pieces but because of moving depot they decide to let 80 % go of there stock of 3 models....what a history on this pieces!
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    WOW nice collection !! would not mind owning one of them !!! ....Bill

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    Impressive to still find such an arsenal. could the sword be traced to certain units and thus battles?
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    We bought a large part of this sabres....

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    WOW! Wish I had known about that auction.


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