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Thread: missimg moderator ???

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    missimg moderator ???

    if Mr Robert Wilkinson -Lathan is still a moderator how come he is no longer here ??? he is really missed !( at least by me) !! for all his info on british swords .....bill

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    Bill, Mr. Wilkinson-Latham has not been here for several years now. I agree he is missed as he was a vast vessel of knowledge and a large part of the Wilkinson Co. fame.

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    sorry didnt realize it had been that long ago thought only about a year ago also i thought some time ago like 6 mo. or so i seen him on here answering a question some one had ... thank bill

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    Seems we have lost a number of members who used to be regular contributors to this forum. Have they just "retired from sword things" or have they moved on to facebook or other venues? At any rate, they are missed.

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    i believe i seen his name on a web site in england selling antique swords or a name that is the same as his about 2 weeks ago


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