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Thread: Rodwell again

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    Rodwell again

    Hi folks, it seems ages since I posted on the forum, so I hope you and yours are all well. I suppose for all interested in swords getting “jabbed” is all in a days’ work. I have decided to catalogue(?} my modest collection so that my son who has a studied indifference to my interests will have something to go on when I shuffle off and he calls in the house clearers. (86 if you’re interested).
    And of course I have the much derided ‘Rodwell 1853’. It looks a reasonable weapon, no bumps or dents along the blade. It recovers from bending. Nearly rings when tapped in the right place which can depend on the mounting.
    My query is “How did it get its bad reputation?” Is it a gradual build up from one source like the 10,000 steps a day, or whatever, rubbish? With no-one checking its source? Have there been a flood of verifiable complaints from the sub-continent? Is it snobbery because Rodwell is “railway trade”? Surely they must know something about iron and steel. Could even be an automatic response when the name is mentioned.
    I have an open mind, no axe to grind, just curious. “Everybody knows it” is not an answer”!
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    It’s a fair question Colin, at the end of the day it is a genuine cavalry sword, not a tourist piece, but it will inevitably be compared to it’s British counterpart, which if you have one, in my opinion, is a much better made weapon. I’ve been tempted at fairs in the past but declined, probably because the vast majority are stamped to the Native State of Baroda and not a more famous British/Indian Regiment with battle honours. None of the well known reference books make mention of them, but in it’s defence I’ve never found a contemporary Regimental report of it’s inferiority, just other collectors like me saying ‘they’re not as good as the real thing’! Stay Well, Ben.
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    In my opinion it's because they are quite poorly made. If you just compare one thing, such as the way the fullers start and end, they are rather sloppy compared to a Mole or Reeves.


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