Welcome to the new Performance Swords Question and Answer Forum!

This new forum has been created to give newcomer and 'old-hand' alike a place to address issues specifically relating how and why swords work. To get things rolling we've moved several older posts from the general forum that are on-topic. While this forum was created specifically for cutting and other performance issues, I'd like to expand the dialogue to include such topics as 'bouting' and practice swords for HES and Theatrical swords as well- I'd like this forum to be the place we come to talk about the swords we actually use in all 'arenas.' If you use a sword, this is your place!

Feel free to consult the FAQs before asking your questions- these forums have been around for a few years now, and you will find that many of your questions have already been asked and answered- we expect to expand the FAQ as time goes on and it will become a valuable forum resource.

While I am the specific moderater for this forum, other makers and users are invited to participate.. I know that we can expect to hear from Angus Trim on a regular basis, and I hope that you will not be shy about contributing your own experience and observations as well. Remember- SFI's rules apply here too. Consult the forum rules, read the FAQs and play nice- after all swords are fun!

(Edit I'm going to making a lot of the posts that deal with basic concepts 'sticky' as time goes by, and these will eventually be included in the 'FAQ'