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    I would like to make a couple of Mycenean era javelins. Has anyone experimented with this? If so, what did you use for heads and shafts? Did you experiment using a thong for throwing?



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    I made some of the tanged 70mm long ones with leaf-shaped blades. I fixed one to a 1.5m long ash shaft with a diameter of about 10mm, very light weight, I must admit to being a bit of a crap thrower though, it only went c.25m distance (blush). I also affixed one of these heads to a cedar arrow shaft (a thin one about 7mm I think...) which I fletched with goose feathers. This was shot from a small recurved 35 pound bow and travelled about 72 meters, the arrows with light steel caps (target practice types) went 95 meters from the same bow at the same elevation. Despite my dreadful javelin cast, it shows that these heads were light enough for volley fire from even a very weak bow. I would speculate that if they were used in this fashion, they would be effective for volley fire raining down on enemies heads, perhaps to pierce armour and helmets? Of course, one use does not rule out the other, so they could be either javelin heads, arrowheads or interchangeable??

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